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Does Pranayama Help in Fighting Coronavirus?

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  • Pranayama means the act of controlling one’s breath

  • It offers a wide range of physical, mental and emotional health benefits

  • Practicing pranayama daily can help to increase the lung capacity

  • It can be a natural and easy way to help you fight the Coronavirus

We all know that COVID-19 which is caused by the coronavirus is a respiratory disease and affects the lungs. The disease can cause breathing difficulty ranging from mild to severe. The first corona survivor from New Delhi had recommended pranayama to all, suggesting it helped him fight the disease. Is pranayama really helpful in fighting the disease? Let’s dig in a little more to find out the answer.

Pranayama is control of breath where ‘Prana’ stands for breath or vital energy and ‘ayama’ means control. Pranayama is believed to achieve a healthy mind and body and attain higher state of awareness.

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The primary organs of the respiratory system are the lungs, which function to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide as we breathe. We are respirating everyday effortlessly, but how effective is our breath? Are we breathing to the full capacity? Is our posture correct to allow full expansion of the chest for efficient breathing? The answer to all these is Pranayama.

We are doing everything that protects us from the deadly coronavirus; wearing masks, social distancing, sleeping well and eating healthy, homemade food. Since this virus affects the respiratory tract, we should also put efforts to increase the lung capacity. This is the prime benefit of practicing pranayama daily. There are many other benefits that can be helpful to fight against coronavirus.

Benefits of Pranayama:

  • 1. It boosts the immune system as diaphragmatic movement also helps to stimulate the movement of lymph; fluid containing white blood cells.

  • 2. Pranayama helps in clearing out the nasal passages and stuffy noses.

  • 3. Practicing Pranayama daily helps in alleviating digestive problems.

  • 4. Pranayama helps in detoxification and is an excellent method to remove all accumulated toxins from your body.

  • 5. Pranayama is helpful in relieving stress and calming the mind.

Hence Pranayama when done correctly and regularly, it offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. In these tough times, Pranayama can be a natural and easy way to help you fight the Coronavirus.

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