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How a Sports Injury Cover Lets You Get Fit, Worry-Free

  • Highlights

  • Major sports injuries require hospitalisation and surgery

  • Sports Injury Cover helps you meet treatment costs

  • Covers costs that may not be covered by regular health insurance

  • Get the finances to avail the best treatment

Sports and injuries go hand-in-hand. While minor injuries can take less recovery time, without the need for hospitalisation, major ones involving fractures may require surgery, resulting in a long lay-off. The anguish of a player of not getting on to the field can be further compounded with the costs associated with the treatment of a sports injury. However, a sports injury cover allows you to get fit in the shortest possible time without any worries. Let’s learn how.

What is a sports injury cover?

A sports injury cover gives you the financial muscle to meet treatment costs associated with a sports injury. Major injuries involving fracture of any body part require hospitalisation, the cost of which can run into several lakhs of rupees.

Health insurance, based on the concept of reimbursement, may not cover expenses of an injury sustained while playing a sport. This is where a sports injury cover comes to your rescue by ensuring you get the best possible treatment for the injury suffered in a top-notch hospital under experienced and caring medical professionals.

For instance, the Sports Injury Cover from Bajaj Finserv offers coverage up to Rs.2 lakh for medical treatment costs by paying a nominal premium of just Rs. 513 per annum. Applying for this cover is easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is to log on the website, fill up the application form and pay the applicable premium.

Also, with pre-approved offers from Bajaj Finserv on a gamut of loans and financial offerings, availing finance is seamless, easy and convenient. You can know your pre-approved offer by sharing a few basic details.

Coverage of special treatment procedures for recovery

Injuries sustained during sports may require special treatment procedure, surgeries, and tests that may not be covered under your regular health insurance policy. However, a tailor-made sports injury cover may offer you coverage for the special treatment procedures required for recovery. It may also cover the expenses for various tests and diagnostics required during treatment, which are not covered otherwise by a regular health insurance plan.

Even the costs of these tests can be high, and you may require shelling out money for them from your own pocket. With a sports injury cover, you can easily meet the high cost of these diagnostic tests, essential for the right course of treatment.

Sports injury cover – A must for all sports enthusiasts

Thus, a sports injury cover is a must for all sports enthusiasts as it comes handy while meeting expensive treatment costs due to an injury. It removes the bottlenecks for funds when it comes to receiving the best treatment possible under experienced medical professionals. Apply for a sports injury cover now.

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