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Got a Job Offer from a Reputable Company? Double Check!

  • Highlights

  • Learn about how a typical fake job scam occurs

  • Understand the differences between a real and a fake job offer

  • Dealing with Bajaj-related job scams

Everyone dreams of working for a reputable company at some point in their life. Some go on to get placed in it directly from college, others gain more experience and move up through the ladder to finally land their dream job. However, some suddenly find the exciting opportunity fall into their lap in the form of a lucrative job offer or selection letter.

The only difference between scenarios 1 and 2, and scenario 3 is that more often than not, the latter turns out to be a fake job scam!


The Anatomy of a Fake Job Scam


With unemployment rising and more and more people desperately looking out for jobs, here’s how fraudsters exploit people’s gullibility and lack of awareness:

1. Pose as either official of a reputable company or recruiters from a job portal.
2. Send a lucrative job offer to the victim, either through email, phone call, SMS, ad, job posting, or even a fake company profile on social media.
3. Wait for the unsuspecting victim to accept the offer and then ask him/her for money in the guise of the processing fee, job security fee, interview fee, or even in a plain and simple exchange for the job being offered.
4. Once the money is received, they disappear with it and become untraceable.

Double Checking that Lucrative Job Offer

Knowing how to differentiate between a real and a fake job offer is the most important weapon in every informed citizen’s arsenal. Remember that a real job offer:

  • Is never too good to be true and does not promise a huge salary or other unbelievably good benefits right from the get-go

  • Always comes from a trusted source such as a genuine social media handle, company website, company email ID, or a genuine recruiter with a verified profile online

  • Never requires any payment in any form – especially one that guarantees the job in exchange for money

  • Does not contain any spelling mistakes, bad grammar, fake company logos, missing signatories, or missing contact details

  • Is never sent from a personal email ID or a fake-sounding company ID

  • Is almost always listed on a company’s website or job portal

Examples of fake job offers in Bajaj’s name
Bajaj is one of the reputable companies whose name is used by fraudsters to dupe people. They sometimes also create fake social media profiles of Bajaj and then post jobs there to look genuine. Here’s what to keep in mind:

1. All Bajaj postings are done by our representatives, and occasionally by Naukri.com
2. Bajaj never charges money for recruitment

For any such queries visit https://www.bajajfinserv.in/reach-us

Savdhaan Rahein. Safe Rahein.

Our official careers page - https://www.bajajfinserv.in/careers

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