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Going On A Trek? 5 Tips To Get You Physically Fit

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  • Start by walking as much as possible to build fitness

  • Focus on strengthening your leg muscles

  • Train every day for best results

  • Work on your balance and mental fitness as well

Trekking may seem effortless, but it will only be as easy as it looks if you physically prepare and train for it. To be able to do justice for the trek you have signed up for, it is important that you are at your fittest, and prepared for the terrain that you will encounter. Apart from building your stamina, you must also work on your balance and mental strength. Here are 5 tips to help you get in to shape before a trek.

Walk as much as possible

Walking is easiest activity you can begin with. Start slowly, and keep adding distance to your route and pick up pace too. This will help you build your stamina for long hours of trekking at a high altitude.

Focus on strengthening your legs

When you go trekking, your body will be pushed to its limits. To ensure that you’re adequately prepared, focus on strengthening your leg muscles. While walking is a good way to do this, cycling is great for quadriceps, lunges and squats strengthen your hamstrings, and leg curls and resistance bands improve flexibility.

Make training a part of your daily schedule

Instead of leaving it all to the last week, make training a part of your daily schedule. Give it as much time as possible, whether it is 30 minutes or a full hour. Also, sneak in spurts of exercise during the day. For example, take the stairs and avoid the elevator. Alternatively, when running errands, cycle around your neighbourhood instead of using your vehicle. This will help you get fit slowly and steadily.

Pay attention to balance

Trekking is not just about walking. It is also about being steady and maintaining your balance in rocky and steep areas. This means that you have to work on this aspect too, alongside your stamina. To improve your balance, practice strength training exercises that work on your core muscles. Yoga is also great option in this regard and helps you build mental resilience too, which is an often-overlooked aspect of trekking.

In addition to physical training, also remember to work on gathering the supplies that will make it easier for you to trek, be it sturdy shoes, a trekking pole or even trekking insurance. In the situation that something goes wrong, this will come to your rescue. CPP’s Travel Safe Advantage, brought to you by Bajaj Finserv, is one such policy that you can purchase for just Rs.699 per year. You can block lost debit and/or credit cards with a single call, avail assistance up to Rs.1 lakh if you are stranded, and complementary cover for a host of other scenarios, up to Rs.3 lakh too.

To ensure that nothing comes in the way of a memorable trekking experience, start training for your trek as soon as you make the necessary arrangements. Besides, when you pack, do ensure that trekking insurance features right at the top of your list.

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