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Going on a Pilgrimage? Here's How to Prepare for It

  • Highlights

  • Plan to secure convenient transport and accommodation

  • Prep your body for the required exertions

  • Pack essentials like comfortable footwear, first-aid kit, and scarf

  • Consult your doctor about your existing ailments

The differentiating factor between a pilgrim and a tourist lies in their intention. The tourist seeks a travel that’s ‘eye deep’ but a pilgrim seeks a journey that is ‘soul deep’. This is why preparing for a pilgrimage is a tad bit different than preparing for those conventional holidays. Here’s how to prepare for it:

Plan your pilgrimage

While spontaneous trips have their own charm, pilgrimages call for some good planning well in advance. Most pilgrim spots are on mountain tops and hills, away from the city. Hence, planning in-situ transport is key. A majority of pilgrim spots offer on-site accommodation which you can choose for an authentic experience. However, such accommodation needs to be booked early on.

If you so desire, you can extend the purpose of your trip and explore nearby spots after you’ve completed your pilgrimage. However you wish for your pilgrimage to go, you must take care of all the details and plan accordingly.

Prep your body

An activity, central to every pilgrimage is walking – a lot of walking! You have to prepare your body for the physically strenuous activity that’s coming its way. If you’re not someone who is used to a lot of walking, you must ensure that you include a walk in your daily schedule a few weeks before you leave for your pilgrimage to prep your body.

Pack all essentials

When packing for a pilgrimage, pack light. Have a lightweight backup that will stay with you at all times. Keep a first-aid kit handy and remember to include muscle-relaxing sprays and painkillers.

One item you have to give utmost importance to is footwear. You need comfortable footwear that can keep you going up the path and numerous stairs you may have to encounter. If you’re buying a new pair, ensure that you break into them beforehand and not use them for the first time during the pilgrimage.

This is also the perfect opportunity for you to explore your inner indo-western style. Carry all your colourful stoles and dupattas. Dressing the part will not only help you feel like you belong but will also make for some Insta-worthy pictures.

Consult your doctor

You should always consult your doctor before you leave for your pilgrimage, especially if you have young children or old parents along with you. Usually set at high altitudes and requiring a lot of walking and climbing, pilgrimages require you to be cautious of certain health conditions like asthma, diabetes and heart ailments. Make sure to stock up on all required medications in your first-aid kit.

Disconnect to connect

Disconnecting from your daily routine and social media are important aspects of any travel. Whether the purpose of your pilgrimage is religious, spiritual or to have a soulful experience, you must disconnect with your phone and schedule to connect with your purpose.

A pilgrimage is supposed to be a peaceful experience that rejuvenates your soul. However, in reality that peaceful experience is often disturbed by the usual travel annoyances like loss of baggage, delay of flight/train, falling ill on the trip and other emergencies.

To protect your experience from such contingencies, getting a pilgrimage cover is a prudent option. Pilgrimage Travel Insurance is the kind of policy that will cover you financially for any and all the travel risks you might encounter during your pilgrimage.

Bajaj Finserv also offers pre-approved offers on a variety of loans and financial products. This makes availing financing easy and convenient. Simply fill out a few basic details to check out your pre-approved offer.

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