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You may often require additional finances in your work or personal life. Professionally, you may need to introduce new equipment in your clinic to keep up with technological advancements. On the personal front, you may want to buy a new car or send your child for coaching to a well-reputed institute. In order to meet such cash needs, you can make use of tailor-made unsecured Doctor Loans from Bajaj Finserv that include two categories: personal loans and business loans.

These loans give you funding up to Rs.35 lakh to meet your personal and professional needs. Apart from that, these loans also come loaded with multiple benefits. Here’s a look at how they can come to your assistance.

Fulfil your commitments with ease

Owing to your busy schedule, you may have limited time to plan for personal and professional expenses. Also, you may need funds urgently to take care of unexpected, unplanned expenses. Let us assume you need funds to pay for a medical emergency at home or to purchase new patient management software for your clinic. You can finance these needs at a moment’s notice by applying for a Bajaj Finserv Doctor Loan.
Whether you need a Personal Loan or Business Loan, you can apply online and get approval and disbursal within 24 hours.

On approval, you can access your loan account online with equal ease. As all details are available to you via a customer portal, you can apply for and manage your loan as per your convenience.

Get access to this loan without any hassle

Apart from being collateral-free, the simple eligibility criteria of these loans make them easy to apply for, even at the last minute. You can access funds up to Rs.35 lakh based on simple eligibility criteria related to your education qualification and work experience.
•Super-specialist doctors (MS/MD/DM) don’t require any post-qualification experience.
•Graduate doctors (MBBS) require minimum 2 years of post-qualification experience.
•Dentists (BDS/MDS) require minimum 5 years of post-qualification experience
•Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors (BHMS/BAMS) require minimum 6 years of post-qualification experience and those with DHMS require 15 years of experience. To be eligible they must also own a house or clinic.
Once you qualify, you can proceed with filling with application form and submitting your documents. These requirements are minimal and include basic KYC documents, financial statements and your medical registration certificate.

Doctor Loans - Everything You Wanted To Know

How to apply for Personal loan for Doctors

Withdraw funds as per your needs with the Flexi Loan facility

Assume you apply for the loan to buy equipment for a diagnostic wing that you are setting up at your clinic. This involves paying for advanced microscopes, blood centrifugal test devices and supplies such as sterilised gloves, jars, sample containers etc. Soon after the sanction, you realise that you also need funds to hire two expert technicians to supervise the diagnostics arm. Even though this is an unplanned expense, you can still fund the same through your original loan.

The Flexi Loan facility allows you to withdraw funds from the total amount as and when the need arises and pay interest on what you use. Also, you have the option to only pay the interest component as your EMIs and return the principal at the end of the tenor. Every time you need funds, you need not apply for a fresh loan. Simply make a request and the funds will be released to you.

Avail funds on easy repayment terms

Whether you are expanding your clinic or taking on home renovation, you will have to give it your full attention. This loan allows you to focus on matters that are important, without worrying about repayment. Bajaj Finserv allows you to repay the loan through a comfortable tenor of 12–96 months, giving you ample flexibility to plan your finances. When you choose a Flexi Loan, you can make as many part prepayments as you want to during the tenor, at no extra charge.
So, whether you’re an existing Bajaj Finserv customer or a new one, the advantages of these loans are a plenty. Make the most of the benefits and high loan amount offered by this Bajaj Finserv offering and get a step closer to achieving your goals.

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