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Fund emergencies in 24 hours with a Loan Against Securities up to Rs.10 crore

  • Highlights

  • Finance a cash crunch in your business with a loan against securities

  • Fund a family wedding with a loan against securities

  • Pay for education expenses with a loan against securities

  • Tend to medical emergencies with a loan against securities

Time is of essence when you have an urgent financial requirement to cater to. As a working professional, parent, or business owner, you have to adhere to deadlines for various monetary needs and finances shouldn’t come in the way of fulfilling your responsibilities and achieving your goals.
If you have a varied investment folio comprising shares, mutual funds, fixed maturity plans, bonds, ESOPs, insurance policies or IPO financing, you can pledge them to get a Loan Against Securities instantly.

While liquidating your securities at such times may seem like an easy way out, you should understand that this will result in you losing out on potential gains as you let go of ownership. On the other hand, when you avail a Loan Against Securities from Bajaj Finserv, you get access to a high amount, your securities grow simultaneously.

Here are 5 situations in which a Loan against Securities can prove to be useful:

1. When your business faces a cash crunch

If your business encounters a sudden cash crunch or you need meet the seasonal uptick in demand, you may need additional funds to ensure that you can manufacture, package and distribute products on time and capitalise on this spike in demand.
At such a juncture, if you’re wondering how to proceed with funding, you can easily take a loan against securities. You can then repay the loan using the profits at a later date (usually within 3 years), and keep your investments intact.

If you’re looking for instant financing options, consider looking for a pre-approved Bajaj Finserv Loan Against Securities. With special pre-approved offers on your loan, the process of availing finance is not just simpler but quicker too. All you have to do is enter a few basic details and check your pre-approved offers.

2. When your investments haven’t matured but a wedding is around the corner

Most often, a wedding date, once decided, isn’t postponed as it is set keeping in mind the auspiciousness of the occasion. It may so happen that the investments that you have made for a wedding are in fact maturing after the date of the wedding. Here, you can take a loan against securities and pay for the wedding without compromising on arrangements. You can then repay the loan once your investments have matured.

3. When you need to pay your child’s overseas education fee but your property sale isn’t complete

Paying your child’s education fees is an important matter. Assume that you have decided to finance your child’s overseas education tuition fee and related expenses by selling your ancestral home. However, due to a delay in paperwork related to the sale, the funds haven’t come through as per the timeline that you had in mind.
You consider selling your investment portfolio, but you realise that in doing so, you will hamper your retirement corpus. In such a situation, you can secure your child’s future and yours by taking a loan against securities. This will help you in the interim, until the money from the sale of your home comes through.

4. When your home needs renovation and you are yet to receive your bonus cheque

Let’s say that your bonus cheque is still 6 months away, but you can’t delay repairing your roof’s seepage problem any further, as the monsoons are approaching fast. Here too, you can make use of a loan against securities. It will allow you to attend to the urgent matter of home renovation before the monsoon sets in. Besides, you can easily clear the loan just 6 months down the line, when you receive your yearly bonus.

5. When a family member is in need of finance to avail immediate medical aid

While you’re sure to sell your securities in a second if you need the funds for medical care for your spouse, sibling, parents or children, that is not the financially smart thing to do. You can park your securities for future returns by taking a loan against securities. With approval in 24 hours and disbursal in 48 hours, it is the ideal way to pay for treatment especially if you need lakhs or crores of rupees.

A Loan Against Property from Bajaj Finserv gives you access to funds up to Rs.10 crore at a low interest rate and comes with a host of other benefits and facilities like nil part prepayment and foreclosure charges on your loan repayments, easy eligibility criteria and minimal documentation requirements, online account management facility. With these loans you also get a relationship manager that is dedicated to your assistance. So, pledge your securities like shares, mutual funds, ESOPs, insurance, bonds, etc. and enjoy the hassle-free way of financing.

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