Ergonomic furniture ideas for CAs who spend long hours at the desk

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Ergonomic furniture ideas for CAs who spend long hours at the desk

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  • Reduce repetitive strain injury with adjustable desks

  • Lumbar support with ergonomic chairs

  • Sliding mouse platforms for maximum flexibility

  • Reduce eye strain with fluorescent and mercury lighting

Employees are a firm’s greatest asset! It is only because of their dedication and hard work that they can serve clients, generate profits, and create value for stakeholders. But how can you improve employee experience?
You can improve workplace conditions by creating an ergonomic workplace. Ergonomic furniture emphasizes on reducing muscle strain to overcome workplace health issues, while setting up your office for speed and efficiency. Plan a step by step upgrade for your interiors, gradually replacing your old office furniture with comfortable ergonomic ones. Consider the list below to jump-start your search for employee-friendly furniture!

Adjust that desk

Your employees spend most of their office time sitting at their desks. While this is a normal occurrence, continuously adopting a sitting posture can promote repetitive strain injury. Invest in an adjustable ergonomic desk allowing your employees to adopt a standing or sitting position without breaking their concentration. You can choose between a dual monitor set-up or a single super-sized screen. An adjustable desk with super-sized screen is priced at Rs.26,400 and above.

Hence if you have a team of 50, you can expect an investment of Rs.13 lakh. Even though the initial out-of-pocket cost is on the higher side you have the option of funding your purchase by availing an unsecured Chartered Accountant Loan with the Flexi Loan facility from Bajaj Finserv, enabling you to pay only the interest amount as EMI and repay the principal towards the end of the loan tenor.

Set-up those chairs

Have you ever noticed how comfortably you sit in a car? Your feet touching the floor, hands on your lap, shoulders relaxed and leaning a bit behind. This is your normal posture where you are most comfortable. Enable your team to enjoy a similar relaxed position. Ergonomic chairs provide lumbar support with the help of a comfortable backrest. While choosing a comfortable chair check for adjustable armrests, backrest height, seat height and back support. Ergonomic high back chairs come at a pocket pinch of Rs.13,000 and above, so for accommodating a 50-member team, you would require to shell out at least Rs.6,50,000.

Keyboard and mouse placement

The keyboard and mouse should be accessible even from a relaxed position, with elbows by your side and arms at a 90-degree angle or below. This stance reduces muscle strain associated with faulty posture. The optimum position for placing your keyboard tray is 1 to 2 inches above your thighs; the best option is to avail a pull-out keyboard tray. For additional flexibility invest in ergonomic keyboards with sliding mouse platform suitable for both left and right-handed users. Typically ergonomic keyboards are available for Rs.18,538. Hence upgrading keyboards for 50 users could cost you Rs.9,27,000 approximately. Reduce your out-of-pocket expense by availing pre-approved Chartered Accountant Loans which gives you access to funds without making a loan application.

Light up your office

People receive almost 80 to 85% of information through sight. Hence, proper lighting is necessary to reduce eye strain and render tasks easier. Apt lighting without any blind spots or glares can reduce workplace fatalities and meet safety needs of the employees. Fluorescent and mercury light fixtures emanating soft yellow hues, adjustable as per the available amount of daylight are best suited for small offices.

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