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Business Ideas for Leather Goods and Manufacturers

  • Highlights

  • Leather is the base of a bustling fashion industry

  • The leather industry is growing at phenomenal pace in India

  • This industry is among the top ten industries in India

  • Five business ideas for leather goods and manufacturers

The leather industry is one of the prominent industries in India. This industry attracts many business owners due to substantial export earnings and growth. Availability of raw material, government incentives and rising exports make this industry a lucrative one. Here are some business ideas for leather goods and manufacturers.

Leather Garment Manufacturing

Leather Garment Manufacturing Garment industry manufacturers are keen about manufacturing leather garments to a larger section of fashion conscious people. The first thing to consider before starting the leather garment manufacturing industry is to determine your business objective and plan accordingly. Legal formality is another step in forming a company. Choosing right kind of machineries, equipment and manpower followed by effective marketing and promotional plans will empower your business.

Footwear manufacturing

India ranks second in terms of footwear and leather garments production in the world and accounts for the 9.57 percent of the world’s footwear production. Footwear is the only item that sells best in leather category.
The manufacturer must consider current market trends in footwear industry. This business is somewhat capital and labour intensive.

Leather Processing and Tanning plant

Treating the conditioned hides and skins with synthetic, inorganic or inorganic agents is called tanning. This is an important part of leather processing and refining activity. To set up such plants compliances like taking permissions and licenses from the Pollution Board of India is required.

Leather Bag Manufacturing

There are plenty of opportunities for Leather Bag Manufacturing business. People are using leather bags for office, travel and even leisurely just as a fashionable accessory.
As the demand for leather bags is increasing significantly, it is recognised as an inflation-free business. A proper business plan and licensing from the government authorities is required to start this kind of business.

Leather Export

Abundant raw material is available in India and it helps the exporters with a competitive advantage over other countries. To start a leather business, you can gather relevant data from the export council department.

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Leather Upholstery

Home decor items and furniture use leather for aesthetic and durability purposes. Leather seats and leather accessories are used in automobile industry. Leather Upholstery offers a great margin for you as the raw material and manpower required for it is available at comparatively low prices in India. Exporting these items to other countries, especially the developed ones is lucrative business.

There are many business opportunities in leather business, which are financially rewarding and backed by the government funding. Business owners should make use of these opportunities and evolve.

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