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How to make a budget to move house?

  • Highlights

  • Pack your belongings in advance to avoid forgetting things

  • Appoint movers to take care of transportation

  • Plan the transfer and travel for you and your family

  • Keep consumables and water handy on the day of shifting

Relocating from a familiar space, where you have been dwelling for some time, to an unknown premises is a challenge for you both emotionally and physically. However, keep the end goal in mind, and get ready for the task ahead. To keep the process simple and organised, the best thing for you to do is plan a budget in advance based on the various home-moving tasks ahead of you. Make sure of an affordable top-up loan, which is given to you over and above your home loan, to meet all related costs with ease.
Here’s a look at how you can budget your expenses when shifting homes.

Plan the packing in advance as procrastination will cost you!

Take time out from your busy schedule to start packing at least two weeks before the shifting date. Packing ahead of time will give you ample scope to screen and sort through your belongings. Throw out unnecessary items like extra boxes, old furniture or clothes and only settle for important things.

Box all your expensive things, valuables, and documents in a separate carton and keep them safely. Label all boxes you pack based on the things they hold within to be able to place them in the right room in your new home. This will help you save a lot of time while unpacking at your new house. It will also help you reach the important items first like essential clothes, bathroom and kitchen necessities, etc. Make a checklist to ensure you aren’t leaving anything behind to avoid extra trips.

Organise the time and fees for the movers or transporters

Moving little boxes from one house to another is easy and you can handle that by involving your family and friends. However, you will need professional help to pack and transport furniture, appliances, electronic devices, and other heavy items. Hire reliable packers and movers to help you with your shifting. You can not only check different agency quotes to compare pricing and services, but also read customer reviews online to choose the best one.
Pack your personal valuables like gold or jewellery, and keep them aside, while allowing the professionals to handle cumbersome packing. Some agencies send their representatives to your home at least a week before your moving date to check on the amount of packing required from their side. Based on this, they give you an estimate of your shifting cost calculated on the volume and distance. You may also be charged additionally for labour especially if your new home is not equipped with an elevator.

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The cost of shifting within the same city starts from Rs.6,000 and the intercity shifting costs start at Rs.35,000. If the agency allows it, you can pay to insure your belongings while shifting. This is a must during intercity shifting, as it secures your valuables. While you can expect relocation within the same city to happen within a few hours, intercity relocation generally takes time, going up to more than 24 hours. So, ensure that you take this time into consideration.
Also keep in mind that packers and movers offer special discounts if you shift during the weekdays, while prices for the weekends are steeper. Clarify all these charges, toll prices in case of intercity transfer, and time while taking a quote. Have a written quote as a proof to claim compensation during delays or damage.

Consider how you and your family are going to travel after your things have been moved

Half your task is taken care of when you entrust the duty of your transfer to professionals. But, at the same time, you should also plan transportation for your family and yourself. You can drive your family to the new house in case you are shifting within the same city and have a car at your disposal. Better yet, send them ahead by booking a taxi service, so that they can wait for the movers in your new home. Alternatively, switching cities will involve travelling costs and you will have to book your travel by flight or train ahead of time. In case your budget exceeds your expectations, avail a top-up loan to access funds for these expenditures.

Plan on the food and essentials on the day of shifting

The day of the shifting can be very chaotic, with lot of service personnel in and out of your house. Amidst everything, it is most likely that you and your family will forego the thought of eating. But eating on time and staying hydrated is vital to avoid excess exhaustion. Also, there may be family members who are on medications, and skipping meals can be problematic for them. In such cases, plan ahead and keep dry food like biscuits, dry fruits, granola bars, etc., handy along with bottles of drinking water. Snack at regular intervals and if possible take turns to go and eat quick meals nearby.

This will keep your strength and energy levels high, so you can meet all last-minute shifting hurdles calmly.
Moving from one address to another may seem like a cumbersome process, but planning in advance will not only make it more organised, but also keep your costs low.

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