Beat the heat with these affordable air conditioners

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Beat the heat with these affordable air conditioners

  • Highlights

  • Take home ACs on 100% financing on purchase & installation

  • Purchase via Bajaj Finserv partner stores; get best offers

  • Choose from LG or Blue Star ACs for durability

  • Pick Hitachi, Onida or Lloyd AC for economical features

With the mercury rising and the temperatures soaring high, it’s that time of the year again when you want to create a cool cocoon for yourself to keep the sun at bay. An essential appliance to help you do this is an air conditioner. Instead of buying the latest AC for just one room, how about getting new ACs for the entire home this summer? Overrule the budget constraints and purchase the latest ACs by shopping from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network any time between 15th March and 15th April, 2018.

Why shopping for ACs on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network is more affordable

During this limited time, you’ll be able to bag up to 100% EMI financing on your AC purchase and installation. All you need to do is shop for ACs at any of the partner stores on the EMI Network.

Pick the best and most affordable models from reputed brands like Voltas, Samsung, Whirlpool or Carrier, and pay in comfortable No Cost EMIs. This means you don’t pay anything extra on the purchase price of the ACs!

How to shop for ACs on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network

When you shop on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, you may have a pre-approved loan that is customised to your needs. You can easily shop on for ACs on EMI in the following way:

• You can check your pre-approved offers here by entering your name and mobile number.
• Just walk in to any of the partner stores and talk to a Bajaj Finserv in-store representative who will assist you with instant financing.
• Do remember to carry your photo ID, a cancelled cheque and KYC documents like your Pan Card or Aadhaar Card with you for quick and hassle-free AC shopping.

Now that you can shop without burning a hole in your pocket, here’s a list of the best affordable air conditioners for the season.

1. LG, L-Gratis Plus LWA3GP3A1

This 1-ton LG air conditioner has a 3-star rating and features fan blades that adjust the cooling while saving energy. One of the summer-friendly features of this AC is the Auto Restart Mode with which the AC resumes cooling as per the previous settings after a sudden power cut. With an in-built intelligent cooling technology supported by 4 Way Air Deflection and 2 Way Air Swing, the AC cools like a pro and circulates the cool air in every direction through the precise deflection of its blades.

2. BlueStar, Comfort Series 5W13GA

Built with a 1.1-ton capacity, this Blue Star air conditioner has a 5-star energy rating to save you from huge power bills during the summer. It guarantees faster cooling due to the Multi-Fan Speed option and 3 Speed Fan Cooling. Both these mechanisms work on an auto-timer and circulate cool air faster, while consuming less power. Enabled with the dust and anti-bacterial filters, this AC traps germs, dust, and bacteria during each cooling cycle, ensuring healthy breathable air. The presence of a Dry Mode further balances moisture saturation in the air you breathe, which makes this AC useful all year round.

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3. Hitachi, Kaze Plus Series, RAW511KUD

This Hitachi AC is sleek both in its looks and its performance. Marked with a 5-star energy efficiency rating, this 1-ton window AC is built with Auto Climate technology. It quickly adjusts indoor temperatures to match the temperature outside, giving its performance a boost. Also featuring a Tropical Compressor, this model is very well acclimatised to the Indian summers and power-cuts.

4. Lloyd, LW19A3N

This Lloyd AC has a unique two-way Swing cooling feature cools and maintains temperature effectively. This along with the timer controls the temperature even when you are sleeping. It also keeps dust and pollutants out by using the Anti-Dust Filter. Additionally, this AC also offers you smart Self-Diagnosis function which signals and displays any problem it is facing, so you can take quick steps to get it repaired.

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5. Onida, POWER FLAT- WA183FLT

This Onida AC is built with a copper compressor, which helps in two ways: it conserves energy giving the AC a 3-star rating and it increases durability. This 1.5-ton AC also offers quick cooling because of its in-built sharp-blade fans. Its Auto Restart Mode is also a very helpful feature which helps it operate on its last setting without pause after a sudden power cut.

Now that you know the top AC models under Rs.30,000, it’s time to head straight to your nearest EMI Network partner store to buy an AC on easy EMIs!

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