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Your work delves into the nuances of money, be it in terms of taxes, auditing, bookkeeping, or business structuring. However, as you run your practice, you also have business and personal goals that need sufficient finances. Your needs may be diverse: expanding your firm to another location, or paying for your child’s education. You can meet all these needs and more with a customised loan offering for chartered accountants: Bajaj Finserv’s Chartered Accountant Loans.
This specialised loan is meant to provide CAs like you with affordable finance with a suite of three loans: personal and business loans, which are unsecured and loans against property which are secured loans. Ensuring faster approvals with easy-to-meet eligibility criteria, Bajaj Finserv’s CA Loans have been designed for you.
Here are the easy steps through which you can apply for and get funds via a Loan for Chartered Accountants.

1. Choose from a range of loan offerings

Bajaj Finserv offers you a one-stop-shop for your borrowing needs. You can select from a personal loan, a business loan, or a loan against property based on your requirements. You get a high loan sanction of up to Rs.50 lakh for secured loans and up to Rs.32 lakh for unsecured loans. All the loans are offered at affordable interest rates through a flexible repayment tenor to ease repayment. Also, you have the option to choose a Flexi Loan facility to meet unpredictable or unexpected needs for cash.

2. Meet simple eligibility criteria

As a chartered accountant, you qualify for a Bajaj Finserv CA Loan if you have a COP which has been active for a minimum 4 years and own a home/office (at a location where Bajaj Finance Ltd operates). The basic eligibility criteria remain the same all across for any loan your avail under the category of CA Loans.

3. Hassle-free application in minutes

Keeping your busy schedule in mind, you can apply for a loan from Bajaj Finserv by following a simple process. Apply online for faster approval by filling in your basic details and get approval within minutes. A Bajaj Finserv representative will give you a call and collect the KYC documents, photograph, and COP certificate, bank statement right from your doorstep. Post pick-up, the complete verification and disbursal of your loan amount happens within 24 hours.

Documents needed for a Chartered Accountant Loan

Bajaj Finserv offers loans to chartered accountants by factoring in their professional degree and hence require to submit only a handful of documents to our representative who comes right to your doorstep to collect the documents.

4.Submit minimal documentation

Bajaj Finserv promotes easy application for professionals like you with minimal documents needed for processing your loan. Apart from your basic KYC documents like identity proof, you need to submit bank statements and your COP certificate as income and eligibility proof. For secured loans, you will also need to submit your property papers.
Whatever your need, you can always get funds through the easy and flexible CA Loan option from Bajaj Finserv.

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