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A guide to buying the ideal AC to beat the heat this summer

  • Highlights

  • Select the ideal AC as per the room size and placement

  • Purchase the right capacity to ensure fast cooling

  • Choose one with noise reduction and high energy-efficiency

  • Shop on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network to buy ACs on EMI

The extreme heat during the summer may seem unbearable, which is why having the ideal AC is key to staying cool and summer-ready. If you’re wondering how to choose an air conditioner, the answer is simple. It’s best to opt for one that is durable, power-saving, and reasonably priced. Shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network can help you find an affordable option from a leading brand, without compromising on essential features.

What’s more, you can select the best AC on EMIs starting at Rs.1,999, and check your pre-approved offer for instant financing. Just walk into a partner store closest to you to avail 100% EMI financing on the purchase of your chosen AC, or shop online. Select from the widest range of brands that includes Carrier AC, Cruise, Godrej AC, Haier AC, Hitachi AC, IFB AC, Intex, LG AC, Onida AC, Panasonic AC, Samsung AC, Videocon, and many more. With over 60,000 partners in around 1,300+ cities, Bajaj Finserv’s EMI Network is expansive and a swipe of the EMI Network Card is all it takes to complete the transaction.

Moreover, when you shop on the EMI Network, you can enjoy even more benefits. For instance, you get Insta Credit amounting up to Rs.5,000 in your Bajaj Finserv Wallet, when you shop for an AC that costs Rs.20,000 or more. Best of all, since you can choose a tenor of 3–24 months, you can repay the AC’s cost comfortably through No Cost EMIs.

But first, follow this AC buying guide to find the ideal AC for your room.

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1. Consider room size and placement of the AC

To get optimum cooling, select one based on your room’s size. This will ensure that your AC works optimally, provides adequate cooling, and promotes the life of the AC. You can calculate the right tonnage by using this method:

Multiply the breadth, height and length and of the room in feet and divide the result by 1,000.

Also, decide on the right placement for the AC to make sure it can easily cool the entire room. For example, if you’re looking for an AC for the bedroom, ensure that the window unit is installed above your bed, either on the wall where you lay your head or facing your feet, for the best cooling. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding the best temperature for the air conditioner to offer the cooling you seek.

2. Decide on AC capacity based on the occupants

Apart from the volume of the room, also consider the number of people that will frequently use the room. A room with more people means more body heat. In turn, when it comes to how to select best AC, you must pick one with a higher tonnage than what is recommended for just 1 or 2 people.

3. Opt for noise reduction

Whether you are selecting an AC for your home or office, you will want your AC to create a relaxed environment. Therefore, you should pay keen attention to noise reduction features. This feature makes the AC function silently by cutting out the extra noise. This may increase the cost a little but it will offer you superior comfort.

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4. Choose between a window or split AC

When you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Which AC should I buy?’, also pay attention to the type. A window AC is one that is mounted into the frame of a window and consists of only one unit. This requires a specific window frame to exist as part of the room. If not, this will need to be constructed. On the other hand, a split AC consists of two units. This includes the indoor and outdoor unit that is connected by a copper tube. To install a split AC, you will need ensure that there is adequate space for the outdoor unit. Generally, split ACs offer you more energy efficiency, have better features, and look less intrusive. However, they cost more and require more space as well. Conversely, window ACs are easy to install and come with a lower price tag, but often don’t offer noise reduction and other add-on features.

5. Look for energy-saving ACs

You can save on your power bills with energy-efficient ACs. This will ensure beating the heat does not come with a high post-purchase price! Energy efficiency is judged based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars, and the more the stars, the more you can expect to save on power bills. So, ensure you buy an AC with a rating of 3 stars or higher to keep extremely high electricity bills at bay.

Now, that you know the five most important parameters when buying an AC, it’s time to shop for one from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. Shop on the EMI Network this summer and maximise your savings!

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