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A CA's guide to acquiring overseas clients

  • Highlights

  • Strategise your content delivery

  • Tap Indian companies abroad

  • Harness social media

  • Establish credibility through trade publications

An important phenomenon of recent times is the rapid growth of the accountancy profession. The changing scenario of our economy is having an impact on the role of chartered accountants. However, with increasing competition, Indian CA’s constantly face a challenge in acquiring clients whether in India or from across the borders.
You want to get your accounting firm’s name in front of potential clients on a global scale. What’s the best way to fuel opportunities? Read on to some ways to help you foray into the overseas market.

Keep your theme narrow

The splintering of media channels and the proliferation of social media create significant “noise” for target clients. They are bombarded by communication all day with hundreds of messages. To overcome this, you need to have a hyper-focused theme to attract the target clients.

Create a content strategy

Make your communication relevant to the issues and concerns of the target clients, and to the point. To be successful, you need to have multiple messages within your content strategy that consistently hit your targets.

Exploit the power of social media

The tools you use to deliver these messages to clients can vary widely, but blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms should be considered, because you cannot leave any opportunity of sending information to target clients. Firms can try using websites such as Elance, Freelancer, etc. Initially it may be difficult to get taxation and finance related work but with experience and after completing few accounting assignments you will be able to acquire more work from overseas clients.

Provide consultancy to foreign start-up

Currently, there are few startups blooming in India in the education, IT, and tourism sectors. Being new in the industry, these companies have financial constraints and hence cannot afford to pay the Big 4 consultancy companies. They require small and mid-sized firms to handle their work. Here comes another opportunity for small and medium-sized CA firms to get assignments from such startup foreign companies.

Provide consultancy to Indian companies established abroad

Many ‘Indian’ companies register themselves in foreign countries such as Dubai (FTZ), Singapore, Seychelles, Mauritius, Hong Kong, etc. They require Indian CAs who can complete their accounting and taxation compliance and other requirements. Quite often your business needs that extra financial push to take it to a new level of development. In a stiff competitive environment and an ever-growing economy, you would not want to lose any business opportunity that comes your way because of shortage of finance.
Business Loan for Chartered Accountants are designed to do just that. They take care of a wide range of financials that are crucial to expand your client base. All you need to do is simply enter a few basic details about yourself and get access to your pre-approved loan offers .

Get your content published in trade publications

Finally, don’t underestimate channels such as trade magazines and e-publications. Getting a published article or topic in an industry publication is often considered an anchor to your credibility and knowledge. For any practice, every partner has to be a “rainmaker” who contributes by bringing in business through personal connections and professional relationships. In the current scenario with stiff competition, it is a fight for survival in which the fittest will survive.