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7 Expenses to keep in mind when choosing a wedding venue

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  • Selecting a venue for the wedding is the most important aspect of planning your wedding

  • The cost of the venue is the most crucial element when it comes to creating a budget your wedding

  • Here are some elements that can impact the overall cost of your venue

From getting the perfect to wedding attire to arranging for accommodation of a hundred odd guests, it may be very easy to forget to consider of something as simple as transport. With so much to do until D-day, arranging for finances and keeping tabs on the expenses can be difficult. Perhaps, one of the most crucial element aspects of planning your wedding budget is the cost of wedding venue. Here are a few points to remember when selecting your wedding venue to help you stick to your budget.

1) Venue rental:

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the daily rental of the venue you’ve chosen for the big day. Plan ahead and think about whether your venue will serve only as the wedding location or if you plan to have other ceremonies there. For example, you may choose to host functions like a cocktail party or a Sangeet at the same venue or a different location on the same premises.Talk to different vendors to get a clear understanding of the timelines of the services they deliver.

Keeping an eye on the exact cost of each day that you will be using the venue will help you save on unnecessary expenses.

2) Food & Beverages:

From tasty appetizers and the extravagant buffet to ghee-laden desserts, food rules the roost at most weddings. You can decide to pamper your guests with food stations dedicated to various cuisines or can serve specialty food of a region. Usually catering is usually an add-on service that you can avail with your venue. However, if you are getting your food catered from elsewhere but require servers from your venue organiser, you may have to pay a little extra. So, keep an eye on such additions that may not have been previously discussed with you. When serving alcohol, make sure that you have a pre-decided list of brands and quantities you want to serve, or it is easy to lose track and pay more than planned. It is best to have a family member manning the bar along with the bartender to keep track. One thing to ensure is that the servers and bartenders are professional and work enthusiastically, so don’t skimp on their charges.

3) Decorations:

From flower arrangements on tables to garlands that wreathe doorways, your plans for the wedding décor may be minimalistic or extravagant. Whatever you choose, ensure that you talk to the vendor whether they would need to set up with the décor at your wedding venue. If yes, then you may have to book the venue for an additional day.

4) Music & entertainment:

From a tabla choir to a foot-thumping DJ, from a live band to a dance troupe, the choices for music and entertainment are endless. Ensure that you book them in advance, and take their food and drink cost into account. Sometimes, these performers may also require access to a dressing room at the venue or need special wiring or lighting for their performance. As these requirements may come at extra charges, make sure that you talk to them about all requirements beforehand.

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5) Photography and Videography:

You are sure to want the services of a top-notch photographer and videographer to record your special day. The location of your venue may affect to the pricing for this service. All photographers and videographers may have different charges for a destination wedding. At the same time, some photographers may charge you a little extra if the wedding location is beyond a certain number of kilometres.

6) Transportation:

It is easy to overlook the fact that you need to book transport for not only the bride and groom, but also their families. If you wedding venue is on the outskirts of the city, you may want to have to arrange for transport for all relatives. Whether you’re booking SUVs or buses, ensure that you An a route. Depending upon your schedule for the wedding, you may have to book the transport for a day or two.

7) Accommodation:

With so many relatives coming over, you may have to arrange for accommodation for all of them. Some wedding venues offer accommodations for guests; if the venue doesn’t provide accommodation, looking for places close to it is a good idea. Not only is this convenient, it may help you save on transport.

Apart from these primary costs related to the wedding venue, here are some other allied costs to account for:

1. Parking charges, if any
2. Power generator costs
3. Any seasonal additions to the cost
Now that you’re completely informed about the various expenses related to your wedding venue, it’s time to start planning. Keep yourself from cutting corners by taking a personal loan for your wedding. This will help you in financing everything on your list right now and paying it off in convenient EMI.

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