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7 Benefits that you get when you buy a home via Homes and Loans

  • Highlights

  • Choose from 5 lakh hand-picked properties

  • Get financing up to Rs. 3.5 crore at nominal interest rates

  • Get in-person assistance for site visits

  • Comfortably repay your home loan over 240 months

Buying a home is an expensive affair, especially if you wish to finance this investment with your savings and income. As a result, it may take you a while before you’re able to save for the down payment alone. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, you have to keep in mind that you must be able to save at a faster rate than that of inflation and increase in property prices to make a timely investment.

Since this isn’t always possible, it is prudent to expedite your investment by choosing a home loan, and the right one will open up a plethora of other benefits as well. There’s no better example of this than home loans by Bajaj Housing Finance Limited. They make buying a home in the present easier, with convenient repayment terms and several other perks.

Read on to know why it makes sense for you to realise your dream of becoming a homeowner by partnering with Bajaj Housing Finance Limited.

Choose from more than 5 lakh home options

Bajaj Finance Housing Limited helps you with every home-buying aspect. This starts right at stage 1, which is selecting the right property. Bajaj Housing Finance Limited has handpicked 5 lakh options for you to choose from when making your purchase. This means you never have to compromise on your needs and can find a home that is exactly how you imagined it to be. In order to help you choose a home conveniently from this exhaustive selection, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited segregates homes as per five different categories. These categories are:
- Featured Projects
- Luxury Homes
- Budget Homes
- New Launches
- Ready Possession Homes

You can also filter your searches online by location, or you can enter the name of a preferred developer or project to view results.

Get extensive assistance to simplify home-buying

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited understands that buying a home can not only be difficult on your pocket but also on your mind. So, to make it truly stress-free, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers in-person assistance for site visits. You can also benefit from documentation assistance. Further, you can avail customised reports that make the legal and financial aspects of a home purchase easy to understand. This is especially useful if you are a first-time homebuyer and seek guidance every step of the way. After all, a home purchase comes with a hefty price tag, so why not use all the resources you can avoid mistakes?

Choose from 6 types of loans

To give you the finance you need, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers six different types of home loans for you to choose from. These six variants include home loans for self-employed, home loans for salaried individuals, home loans for doctors, pre-approved home loans, home loan balance transfers, and loans against property. These loans are tailored to meet your unique needs and with so many options, finding the ideal one is extremely easy.

Get a substantial loan at an economical rate

When you take a loan to invest in property, you want the cost of loan to be as nominal as possible, to keep the financial tool cost-effective. Additionally, you’d like to get the amount you need from one lender, so you’re not paying multiple rates of interest and juggling several EMIs. This is why Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers funding up to Rs. 3.5 crore through its loans. Further, this sizeable amount is offered to you at competitive interest rates. You can forecast your EMIs and plan your finances too by using the various calculators on the website and choose the right loan amount accordingly.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Benefit from comfortable repayment periods and terms

Apart from being able to choose the right amount, you can also choose the ideal tenor for your loan. The EMI calculator on the Bajaj Housing Finance Limited website allows you to see how your EMIs change with a change in your tenor or borrowed sum.

By using this calculator you can select a tenor as per your convenience, ranging up to 240 months. This gives you ample time to repay your loan and even helps you pay smaller EMIs. What’s more, when you borrow a home loan from Bajaj Housing Finance Limited, you can enjoy zero charges on part pre-payment or foreclosure of your home loan. As a result, there is nothing deterring you from repaying your loan before time if you have the means to.

Use easy eligibility criteria to apply with simple documentation

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers housing solutions with easy eligibility criteria. So, to avail a home loan you simply need to be an Indian citizen between the ages of 23 and 62 years. Additionally, if you are a salaried individual you need to have at least 3 years of work experience. If you are a self-employed individual, you need to have at least 5 years of stability in your current business and can be up to 70 years of age.

Your location and city also play a role in determining your eligibility. You must have a monthly net salary of at least Rs. 30,000 and your property’s value must be at least Rs. 15 lakh if you are from Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Noida or Thane. On the other hand, if you reside in Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Calicut, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Goa, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jamnagar, Jodhpur, Kolhapur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mysore, Nagpur, Nasik, Pune, Rajkot Surat, Tiruchirappalli, Trivandrum, Vapi, Vijayawada, or Vizag, your net monthly income should be at least Rs. 25,000 and your property’s value must be at least Rs. 15 lakh.

Once you confirm your eligibility, you have to submit a few documents to prove your eligibility. These include KYC documents, proof of address, proof of identity, passport size photograph, latest salary slips or Form 16, and bank account statements of the past 6 months. If you are a self-employed individual, you must submit a document that acts as proof of business of the last 5 years as well.

Increase your liquidity with top-up loans

If you have already a home loan and still need more funds to tackle costs of shifting, furnishing or renovating your home, for example, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers you a high-value top-up loan at a nominal interest rate. This has a long tenor too which ensures that your cash outflow is minimal. Best of all, there are no restrictions on how you can use this amount, so you can use it to solve any cash flow gaps you may encounter when making your investment.

So, choose Bajaj Housing Finance Limited to buy the home of your dreams easily and economically. To view your customised loan offering and enjoy expedited financing, check your pre-approved offer.

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