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6 smart tips to save money when you shop online

  • Highlights

  • Platform hopping can help you find the cheapest price

  • Buy on No Cost EMIs to keep your budget on-track

  • Watch out for flash sales, deals of the day and cashback offers

  • Avail discounts with memberships and saving items in your cart

Shopping online not only saves you the hassle of traveling, but also gives you access to a wider variety of the best products to choose from. With shopping online being easy and convenient, you could be making frequent, impulsive purchases. To keep yourself from overspending and ensure that your shopping remains affordable and smart, read these 6 tips and make the most of online shopping.

1. Compare prices on different platforms

While one e-commerce platform may feature a discount, another may not. This is why it is essential you compare the prices on different shopping sites before making your purchase. Additionally, few apps also offer discounts for new users or first-time shoppers. Another thing to remember is that not all shopping platforms have anniversary sales on the same day. So, watch out for these anniversary offers all year round and make the most of them.

2. Look for free delivery and check reviews

When you shop online for smaller items like hair bands or big-ticket furniture, you may often end up paying a delivery fee. Keep an eye on such added costs that increase the overall purchase price and shop from platform that waive this charge. Additionally, avoid purchasing products of inferior quality just because of a discounted or low price tag by checking reviews from other shoppers.

3. Choose the right way to make your purchase

Digital wallets and online payment services offer mega discounts on various items from groceries to movie tickets. Additionally, these platforms also offer cashback. So, even though you pay the full price, the cashback added to your wallet can help contribute to part of your next purchase. Next, you can shop for electronics, clothing and accessories on No Cost EMI when you pay using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Card and purchase via online retailers who are partners of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. This way you won’t pay anything over and above the purchase price and get to divide your spends into easy monthly instalments. You can also check offers on your credit card, debit card and net banking to see the offers, discounts or cashbacks that accompany your usage.

Shop online with EMI Network Card

4. Become a member to receive the best deals first

If becoming a member means you will receive the best deals first, get SMS alerts on offers and other emailers with coupons for discount, a membership will be worth your while whether it is one that is paid for or free. Some shopping platforms also offer free and shorter delivery timeframes for members. Additionally, you may receive redeemable points, freebies, discounts, and more on your birthday or anniversary as a member of any such platform.

5. Keep a lookout for flash sales

Flash sales can help you get products at slashed prices within a limited time frame. These sales, especially for mobile phone and gadgets, home appliances, laptops and cutlery, can help you bag great discounts. To take advantage of flash sales, which are often announced last minute, have a list of products you need to purchase ready. Then, as soon as you spot it during a flash sale, you can buy it and enjoy a big price reduction.

6. Save items in your cart to get additional discounts

If you aren’t in a hurry to make your purchase, you can add it to your cart and bide your time. When you add products to your cart and don’t make an immediate purchase, shopping platforms understand that you are contemplating the price on your potential buy. To induce you complete your purchase, you may then receive a notification on your app or email asking you to continue your purchase at a discounted price or with a cashback offer. You can then save money!

Using these tips and tricks you can save money on online shopping but it is also essential you stick to a budget and clearly distinguish between your wish list and your must-haves.

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