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6 home renovation mistakes to avoid this season

If you have an idea of home renovation in the pipeline? Make sure to avoid these pitfalls while renovating your home!
Renovating a home is on the list of activities to do once in every five years or so. However, home renovation comes with its baggage of dos and don’ts, which we often forget to factor in. These common mistakes cost you not only time and effort, but also money.

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Here is the list of mistakes that you should avoid while planning an overhaul for your home:

1. Planning without your personal preferences in mind

While planning for a home renovation, it is essential to keep in mind the needs of you and your family, rather than the suggestions of friends and neighbours. When embarking on home improvements, every decision you take be it adding another wing, creating a garage, or removing a kitchen wall, should add value and comfort to those living at home.

2. Not getting professional help

You may be tempted to approach your home renovation in the DIY (Do-it-yourself) style, and if you have carpentry or painting experience, this may make the project feel more personal to you. However, it is prudent to hire professionals as they are well-qualified and experienced in this line of work. Many contractors do full-scale renovations or as per your requirement or can act as consultants to guide you. Choose a contractor based on not only your budget, but also their competency for best results.

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3. Not being thorough with prep work

The first step of home renovation should be the prep work, which we often ignore. Even though prep work is time-consuming, it helps yousave time and money. When planning to install a design or any appliances, you should be aware of thestructure of the house and how any added installation will affect it. For example, when adding an antique fixture to your living room ceiling, first check if your ceiling will be able to support the added weight. If not, opt for another design that will not tax your home’s structure.

4. Following trends that do not last

If you find yourself being tempted to follow the latest décor and design trends from magazines, remind yourself that the key to a successful home revamp is practicality. Also, if you go too far in following a trend, you’ll find your home décor to be outdates very soon and may require renovating your home again and wasting both time and money.

5. Getting the price right

While it is imperative that you always go for the best-quality materials, your bargaining skills may the chip that helps you save a few bucks. Some vendors may mark up the price while selling construction materials, you need to talk to a few vendors to understand the market rates before buying. At the same time, make sure you don’t skimp on the quality of the material as they need to last for a very long time.

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6. Ignoring lighting

No matter what paint job you’re getting done or all the new fixtures you’re installing, remember that none of it really shines without proper lighting. If you are renovating your kid’s room, for example, try hanging serial lights in different shapes or characters that your kids will enjoy. If you are redoing your dining cum kitchen area, add a centre light above your dinner table to brighten every family meal. Proper lighting highlights your interiors and improves the ambience of your home.

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