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5 ways to upgrade your TV experience this World Cup

  • Highlights

  • Use sound bars to enjoy a stadium-like atmosphere

  • Buy a headphone set to watch late night finishes silently

  • Get a smart stick to stream matches in a regional language

  • Shop carefree on No Cost EMI with the EMI Network

With enhanced live field recording techniques, informative live commentary, and in-depth pre- and post-match analysis, watching the Cricket World Cup on your TV in the comfort of your home hardly seems a compromise. In fact, you can make your TV viewing experience just like the VIP box at the stadium by buying a few electronic devices and peripherals that provide a stadium-like ambience. All of this comes on affordable terms when you shop for your electronics on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

Here, you can choose from more than 1 million products sold by over 60,000 partner sellers, both online and offline, across 1,300+ cities in the country. Shopping here becomes convenient as you can purchase your electronics on No Cost EMI, a feature that ensures that you do not have to make any payment over the purchase price. Simply use your EMI Network Card online, or avail of in-store financing by getting assistance from a representative at any partner outlet.

With your shopping made affordable, you can improve your viewing experience by purchasing multiple items in one go. Here are 5 ways how you can upgrade your TV viewing experience during this World Cup.

Jump right into the action by bringing home an immersive TV

Join the rest of the country in cheering for the Men in Blue with an impressive TV that puts you on the front row of the stadium instantly. The 4K resolutions offer you crisper, life-like viewing, HDR compatible sets offer you richer colour tones and TVs with Dolby support let you hear the sound of the bat hitting the ball like never before. You can choose the model of your liking from the wide range of TV brands and variants available on the EMI Network. Make the most of easy financing options from Bajaj Finserv and enjoy the World Cup now and pay the total later, comfortably.

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Enhance audio quality by supplementing your set with sound bars

Modern TVs often come with ultra-thin bezels that cause the audio quality to be compromised. With space constraints, the sound equipment needs to be minimised. However, you can enjoy a stadium-like experience by bringing home a soundbar like the Sony wireless audio systems for an EMI starting at just Rs.1,055. An enhanced audio environment lets you feel the adrenaline and excitement in every ball that's bowled.

Enjoy late-night finishes by using a wireless Bluetooth headphone set

In case you have a family that doesn’t fancy cricket as much as you do, pick up a wireless headphone set. Wireless models allow you to lounge on your couch and experience the atmosphere in the stadium as Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan take to the crease as your kids sleep peacefully close by. Headphones help cancel outside noise, give you a 3D hearing experience so you can focus on the match without disturbances.

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Few fun facts on the Cricket World Cup 2019

  • This World Cup is following a Round-Robin format where each team is playing the other instead of the two groups format after 22 years
  • This the first time West Indies has not been able to qualify directly for a World Cup tournament
  • England and Wales became the first to host the World Cup for the highest number of times
  • The prize money for this World Cup is $4 million, the highest in any of the World Cup tournaments so far!

Get a smart stick to stream matches in a regional language via Hotstar

If your television doesn’t support streaming via Wi-Fi directly, then pick up a smart stick like Amazon’s Fire Stick and pay for on easy EMIs. You can live stream the matches you want to watch through Hotstar. Viewing through this platform gives you access to commentary in the language of your choice: English, Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, Telugu, or Malayalam. Hotstar also offers you highlights in the form of small video snippets that can bring you up to speed with the day’s proceedings.

Purchase a D2H box that can record matches for you to view later

When faced with a work schedule that causes you to miss key matches, do not worry. Use a D2H box that has recording capabilities. That way, you can view the entire match later, at your convenience. You can set the box to record during a particular set of hours or pause the live feed and view later. What’s more, you can play back the recording at a faster speed and skip to the sections of the match that you want to watch in detail.

Before you venture to buy a TV here is some trivia that will put you at home with the larger community watching the world cup.

So, waste no more time, upgrade your TV experience, and get behind the Men in Blue as they seek to bring home a third World Cup trophy. Check your pre-approved offer to expedite your financing options. Doing so gives you instant approval through a customised deal.

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