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5 ways to increase your café’s footfall

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  • Boost sales by smartly targeting impulsive buying

  • Have an easy-to-navigate floor layout and manage your inventory well

  • Host regular workshops for children and hobbyists

  • Increase footfall with a Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv

As a café owner, you not only aim to offer your customers the best in beverages and snacks, but also provide a place where they can relax and converse with friends, family, colleagues, and business associates. With co-working and working outside an office becoming more common today, you may get younger customers who come in with a laptop and spend the entire day at your coffee shop. While your F&B offerings and interiors play a part in increasing footfall and sales, a well-defined marketing strategy can attract more such young audiences and boost your revenue significantly.

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To get started, check out these 5 marketing strategies that will help you increase your café’s customer base.

1. Use social media marketing to increase your audience reach

To reach out to a larger audience using traditional marketing like delivery pamphlets is not enough. Market your cafe, its menu, offers and discounts by creating a page on Facebook, Instagram and the likes. Moreover, to increase your audience reach, post actively on your social media accounts backed by a robust digital marketing strategy.

Ensure your posts are designed well and boosted with sponsored posts, allowing you to widen your local reach. Posting during the right time like just before most office goers take a coffee break at 4 pm will improve your social reach and footfall.

2. Use geo-targeted ads to reach the right consumers

Customers usually search for cafes near their home or work or present location and you can use geo-targeting to reach out to them by marketing online within a specific radius. This will allow you to reach your target audience and will eliminate irrelevant clicks that are a waste of your marketing spend. Facebook, Google and Twitter offer geo-targeting options while customising your ad options. This means that the ads show up for the right customers each time they login to their account.

3. Use referral marketing to reach new consumers

Your existing customer base can work as an asset for you, when you know how to retain them and satisfy their needs. Word-of-mouth or referral marketing can work well as customers, especially in the F&B space, rely on the feedback of people they already know. So, if your existing customers are happy with your service, they are sure to refer your café to friends and family. You can also offer referral discounts and group discounts to leverage this further.

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4. Use promotional advertising to build loyalty

To retain your existing clientele, you can take various initiatives such as happy hours, special discounts, loyalty programs, event reminders, and complimentary offers like free coffee on the fourth visit. You can also do sales promotions activities such as distribute coupons with local newspapers, organise and advertise about any event at your café like a book reading or a singles cooking class to increase your footfall.

5. Use on-premise advertising to attract customers

When you come up with a new drink, say an iced tea with a seasonal fruit such as strawberries, you can use on-premise marketing to increase sales. Putting up standees outside your café or small placards on tables can be a huge help. You can also create a display with smaller items like muffins or coffee mugs near your cash register to promote impulse buys.

Keep these marketing strategies handy, to stay ahead of your competition and increase your café’s revenue.

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