5 ways to increase the comfort and privacy of your bedroom

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5 ways to increase the comfort and privacy of your bedroom

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  • Construct a cosy corner in the bedroom

  • Use window film to cut out sun rays and improve privacy

  • Add plants & introduce greenery in your bedroom

  • Choose high windows & modern bedding to add comfort

Creating a private and comfortable bedroom will allow you to relax, unwind and enjoy a good night’s rest. So, if you feel like yours is just another room in the house, implementing a few measures will help you achieve great results. Put your plans into action without compromising by using funds from a Top-up Loan on your home loan. This will give you ample funds at a nominal interest so you can carry out your bedroom makeover without a hitch in your stride!

Take a look at 5 ways in which you can increase the level of comfort and privacy in your bedroom.

Create secluded niches

Create cosy corners in your bedroom to enhance comfort and privacy. For example, you can create a comfortable reading nook by the window, or place a recliner near a TV if you’re a movie buff. Something as simple as adding a swing set to the balcony or filling a window seat with plush cushioning will help you do this. The cost of a swing with a stand is around Rs.20,000, whereas that of a chaise is aroundRs.24,000.

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Install tinted films for your windows

Having a cool bedroom will only make it more comfortable, and window films will help you do this easily and effectively. Besides, it will also help keep prying eyes away and give you more privacy. The price for a solar reflective, one-way mirror film insulation stickerthat blocks 92% of UV raysstarts at around Rs.1,400.

Use plants and greenery to effectively

Plants can amplify the privacy of your room by creating a boundary of sorts, and they can also enhance the relaxing, calming atmosphere. You can construct aframe to set up potted plants on your balcony for upwards of Rs.5,500 depending on the quality your choose and the size of your balcony..

Raise windows off the floor

Even though they promote ventilation, French windows and other low windows provide a clear, unrestricted view into your bedroom. This is less than desirable, especially if you live on a lower floor. So, switch to sliding windows that are placed closer to the ceiling. Not only will this provide excellent ventilation, it will also give you the privacy that you seek.

Choose a high-end mattress, pillows and bedding

Nothing makes your bedroom as comfortable as plush bedding, a luxurious mattress and pillows. So, invest inergonomic pillows and a mattress that eases away stress and tension and provides quality rest. Complement this with bedding in breathable, soft materials such as cotton. A king size memory foam mattress along with good quality pillows and a duvet will cost you around Rs.80,000.
As long as you follow these measures, you will be able to remodel your bedroom to improve its visual appeal while keeping the focus on enhanced privacy and comfort.

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