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5 ways how your engineering business can increase its plant efficiency

  • Highlights

  • Plan the plant’s life cycle

  • Improve operation and maintenance

  • Conduct comprehensive health assessments

  • Increase reliability and cost-efficiency

With all the focus on optimisation and sustainable growth these days, increasing the efficiency of your engineering business has become a necessity. Improving the operations and maintenance (O&M) of your plant is of course the best way to go about this. Additionally, focusing on the following along with appropriate O&M measures will work wonders to improve the efficiency of your plant.

1. Life cycle planning to ensure long term value and capability

Life cycle planning is often used to control short and long-term goals. You can set a business strategy, budget, and outage processes. However, be sure to consider short and long-term effects at the plant and system levels while creating outage schedules and scenarios. This helps control risk, reliability, capability, and cost, thereby ensuring long term value.

Thus, comprehensive health monitoring of your plant can help increase its efficiency, in turn improving your engineering business as well. However, the process also takes time, effort, and money. For example, replacing a piece of equipment, for example - a boiler, would cost you a minimum of Rs.2,50,000. Moreover, a higher quality boiler would be at least Rs.4,50,000.

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2. Fuel and combustion processes optimisation

This involves analysing fuels, optimising boilers and other equipment, measuring burner air flow, and so on. It helps reduce the amount of fuel used. Measuring and controlling airflow also lets you improve or maintain unburned carbon levels in the fly ash. Additionally, minimising reagent use, and extending catalyst life can further help fuel and combustion process optimisation.

3. Performance improvement

Performance data is easily collected and available, on both equipment and people. This makes it easier to check unit performance parameters and detect equipment/system degradation. That allows you to improve the maintenance program and have a planned one rather than a reactive one. This, in turn, lets you improve the performance of your equipment and your people.

4. Component health reporting systems

Component health reporting systems are based on a continuous process of assessment, of the above-mentioned performance data. It allows you plan the capital required and the O&M process, letting you review and repair the correct equipment at the correct time.

5. Condition based maintenance

Maintenance is always condition based. Whether you need to do routine maintenance, major maintenance outage, or need a plant upgrade, can only be determined after you’ve assessed the present condition. The assessment should consider all pertinent information, and should help improve the capability, reliability and efficiency of the plant. That, in turn, allows the company to produce low-cost output.

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