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5 Reasons Why Doctors Should Consider Going Digital

  • Highlights

  • Enables remote consultation

  • Fosters knowledge sharing

  • Improves operational efficiency

  • Offers home health care

Expected to grow at a CAGR of 23% to USD 280 billion by 2020 from USD 100 billion in 2015, the Indian healthcare market is one of the fastest growing industries to start a business. The increasing demand and need for quality healthcare in a country where there is less than one doctor for 1000 people puts a lot of pressure on various stakeholders to manage and channelise the available resources in the most effective manner.
With the number of Internet users in India expected to reach 635.8 million by 2021, a digital approach by doctors could go a long way in delivering quality care with limited resources. Here are 5 reasons why doctors should consider going digital.

1. Enabling Remote Consultation

Overcrowding is one of the many problems plaguing hospitals across India. The numbers are huge in Government hospitals where thousands throng each day for treatment. Taking a toll on everybody, the large queue delays treatment for patients suffering from various diseases including critical ailments. However, going digital will enable doctors to offer remote consultation and reduce the waiting time for patients drastically.This can be done through intuitive mobile apps.The cost of development of these apps can go as high as Rs.20 lakh. Medical professionals can use a business loan for doctors to fund the development of such an app.

2. Sharing Knowledge

With average mobile Internet users in India spending almost 70% of their time on social media, doctors can leverage the digital platform to educate patients on various aspects of healthcare.
Through blogs, articles and chatter platforms, doctors can give valuable advice and share their personal experience with patients that is not possible otherwise. Additionally, patients can easily connect with doctors for a second opinion, if needed.

3. Making Accurate Prognosis

By implementing EHR solution into practice doctors can get the complete medical history of patients with a few clicks. They can also get lab reports within seconds and thus make an accurate prognosis in a shorter time.
Costing around Rs.10 to 45 lakh, the funds for which can be arranged through business loan for doctors, an EHR solution improves patient care and safety along with enhanced satisfaction. It helps doctors know the course of treatment required.

How doctors can take their practice to the next level

Go digital with Business Loan for Doctors

Bajaj Finserv offers business loans to doctors up to Rs.35 lakh with added benefits like 24-hour disbursal, doorstep document pickup and Flexi Term Loan facility. With these special loans, you can integrate technology in your practice operations and streamline operations and boost profitability.

4. Improving Operational Efficiency

For doctors running their own practice, storing information of patients in paper files, staff hand-carrying paper charts, writing medical prescriptions on paper, etc. can significantly add to operational costs.
Through e-prescription, electronic record keeping, and automated scheduling and billing process, doctors can not only reduce operational costs but also improve efficiency.

5. Offering Home Health Care

With life expectancy in India increasing significantly, the need for home health care is on a rise. Prevalence of chronic ailments and the need for better post-operative treatment will propel the demand for home health care where patients need not physically visit doctors or hospitals.
According to an estimate, 70% of domiciliary care needs can be met in a home environment. By adopting the digital platform, doctors can offer personalised home care to their patients.

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