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5 features of UAN to keep in mind if you’re a salaried professional

  • Highlights

  • UAN came into use since 2012

  • Your UAN is assigned by your 1st employer who deducts EPF

  • You have 1 UAN regardless of how many places you work

  • UAN simplifies PF transactions, withdrawals & transfers

UAN or Universal Account Number is a 12-digit number that is allocated to both you as an employee of an organisation and your employer who holds an EPF account. Only the EPFO or Employee Provident Fund Organisation has the right to assign these numbers on behalf of the government. Brought to action in 2014, this number aims to bring all your provident fund information within a unified account system. This is not all; there are more benefits and features of a UAN number.

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Take a look at the 5 salient features of UAN and how they provide an advantage.

1. Your UAN remains the same even when you change jobs

All along your employment years, this number remains constant and every time you change a job you get assigned a new PF Member ID by your new employer. Thus, the UAN was brought to action to bring together all your PF accounts under one broad UAN number that stays with you unchanged for a lifetime. When you change jobs, you need to notify your UAN number to your new employer. Your new PF account is then linked to your UAN, if your account is old then you need to link PF with UAN , if your account is old then you need to link PF with UAN.

2. Your UAN numberis assigned and stays with your employer

In case you have worked in organisations that deduct contributions for the EPF, then you will automatically have a UAN number to your credit. Generally the employer will inform you the number.
In case they don’t, you can log into the UAN Member Portal to know our UAN. You can do this provided your PAN, Aadhaar, and mobile numbers are linked with UAN.

Apart from that you can also do the following at the Member Portal using your UAN to log in.
a. Download your passbook
b. Download your UAN card
c. View previous Member IDs
d. Update your KYC details
e. Check eligibility for online transfer claims
f. Update or edit personal details

3. If you have two UAN, you can report this and solve the matter

You should not have more than one UAN; however, in cases where the previous employer has not updated your date of exit or if you forget to inform the new employer of your existing UAN a new UAN may be generated. In case this happens, you can do one of the following:
a. Report this to your employer
b. Report the matter to EPFO at uanepf@epfindia.gov.in
c. Request for a transfer of the old UAN to the new UAN.

4. UAN helps you change your personal details with ease

Many times, when you change jobs or transfer to another city your phone number and contact details may change. These changes need to be edited on the portal. With the UAN you can change your personal details at any time at your convenience.

Here is how you carry out the alterations.
a. Login the UAN Member Portal.
b. Go to the ‘Profile Menu’
c. Select ‘Edit Mobile No.’ option and make the changes.

Once the alterations are successfully made you will receive a notification on your registered mobile number and email ID. You can set notification requests too to generate regular updates about your account via SMS.

5. UAN gives you a simplified system for withdrawing money

With all your Member IDs stored under one UAN, you can easily access your previous PF accounts and transfer or withdraw funds from that account. This simplified system of online access allows you to save time and helps you keep track of payments and withdrawals in a streamlined way.

Equipped with these features, make the most of your UAN number and monitor your PF funds flexibly anytime and from anywhere.

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