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5 Features Of Pilgrimage Insurance That Make It A Must-Have

  • Highlights

  • Pay just Rs.599 to get an all-round protection with this insurance cover

  • Block your cards by just calling one toll-free number within 24 hours

  • Get immediate financial assistance and free PAN card replacement

When going on a pilgrimage, you’re sure to prepare in advance, whether you’re travelling in India or overseas. However, as you embark on your pilgrimage, do not overlook the hazards that you may have to face while you are away from home. So, before you pack your bags for this one-of-a-kind experience, do apply for pilgrimage travel insurance available through Bajaj Finserv. Here’s how the insurance policy helps take care of you on your pilgrimage.

It protects you for a pocket-sized premium

When you are spending thousands of rupees on travel expenses, why not pay an additional amount of just Rs.599 to avail pilgrimage insurance cover too? The price you pay for this insurance cover is negligible, but the benefits it offers are big. So, get all-round protection for your cards, money, valuables, and yourself by paying this pocket-sized fee.

It protects you from monetary misuse and data theft

You are bound to feel helpless and vulnerable when you realise that you have lost your bank cards or that your wallet has been stolen. However, when on a pilgrimage, this is one thing you don’t need to worry about. With pilgrimage travel insurance, blocking all your debit and credit cards is extremely easy.

It offers immediate help

Apart from protecting your money and cards, the pilgrimage travel insurance also extends immediate assistance to you in the form of financial support. You can claim travel and hotel assistance of up to Rs.50,000 in India and Rs.1,00,000 abroad to take care of your boarding and travel expenses in case you are stranded. You can also claim up to Rs.3 lakh as complimentary insurance coverage when faced with lost baggage, for instance.

It lets you make a claim extremely easily

Making a pilgrimage insurance claim is fast and you just have to dial the toll-free number 1800-419-4000 for assistance, within 24 hours of an incident. You can immediately block all your cards with just one call and claim financial assistance too, thereby simplifying the process.

It helps replace your identity cards at no extra cost

Pilgrimage travel insurance not only offers you a shield of protection for your debit and credit cards, but also protects other sensitive documents, such as your PAN card. If you happen to lose this too, you can avail easy replacement, at no extra charge.

Considering the benefits that it offers, it is definitely worth your while to purchase pilgrimage travel insurance before you leave home. For Rs.599 per person, per year, it is a safe and affordable way to secure your trip.

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