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5 Essential Upgrades to Increase Your Kitchen's Efficiency

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  • Choose efficient appliances & a cooking range

  • Opt for modular cabinets and improve lighting

  • Select easy-to-clean counter tops and walls

  • Use a top up loan to finance a kitchen remodel

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and increasing its efficiency will only make your life more comfortable. An efficient kitchen is one that does not require any extra effort to accomplish a task. It also helps transform tiresome kitchen chores into stress-free errands. It is never too late to invest in increasing the efficiency in your kitchen and a top-up loan on your home loan can help complete a kitchen remodel affordably.

Here are 5 essential upgrades every kitchen needs for improved efficiency.

1. Buy efficiency-inducing appliances

Making your kitchen chores easier and faster, the right appliances can boost the look and feel of your space and lower your power bills too. You can install a good quality dishwasher, buy a food processor, a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a steamer, an air fryer, and a chapatti maker. These will make your kitchen duties more enjoyable, take less time, and give you and your family healthy food on the table too. You can completely overhaul your kitchen equipment within a budget of Rs.2 lakh.

2. Get modular cabinets for better storage and reach

Modular kitchens are known for efficient functioning along with offering ideal storage. They can also help maintain a tidy look for your kitchen while helping you stay organised. Further, if you have an open kitchen, having modular cabinets is essential. The price of modular kitchen fittings can start from Rs 50,000 onwards.

3. Install additional lighting

Proper lighting helps maintain maximum visibility in your kitchen to help you perform each task with precision and attention to detail. A well-lit kitchen is always easier to work in and also helps avoid mishaps. Have spotlights installed over your kitchen worktops and halogen bulbs overhead for maximum convenience. The price of these along with installation charges can start from Rs. 5000.

When Should You Go For a Top-Up Loan?

4. Pick fixtures and fittings that are easy to clean

Your kitchen can be a messy place by definition. Choosing fixtures and fittings that are easy to clean can help make tidying away effortless. Select a tiled wall behind your main cooking area to clean up splashes with a swipe. Also, replace wood, laminate, or glass tops that stain easily and cost a pretty penny to preserve with granite, steel, composite or quartz worktops for easy maintenance. Similarly, choose kitchen lights and lamps that don’t sport too many curves and curlicues so that you can wipe them clean with a washcloth. The cost will depend on the materials and tiles you choose, but a budget of about Rs.4 lakh will help you redo the entire space.

5. Choose a versatile cooking range

If you and your family enjoy food in its many avatars, you’ll need extra burners and a convection oven. A cooking range gives you both in one streamlined unit, helping you increase your efficiency. Cook more at the same time, and enjoy grilling, basting and skewering by investing in a cooking range. A good quality range usually starts at Rs.40,000.

With these 5 tips, your kitchen will soon become an oasis of comfort and efficiency! Analyse your existing space and create a checklist according to your needs and then make a budget. Based on this, you can apply for an affordable top up loan.

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