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4 benefits of using an SIP calculator

  • Highlights

  • An SIP calculator shows the returns you are likely to get

  • The calculator is easy to use and shares results quickly

  • You can use the calculator to select the best SIP for you

  • Make an informed decision about your SIP investments

If you want to save regularly while reaping high returns, invest in a Systematic Investment Plan. You can choose to start with as little as Rs.500 and invest in securities in a safe and controlled manner. As the money is carefully invested by a market expert, you can be sure to benefit from this scheme.

An SIP is a great tool for your investments because it offers some benefits over the long term. But before you invest your money in one, it is essential that you understand how an SIP gives you returnsin order to make the most of it. An SIP calculator is an online tool that helps you do exactly this.

Here are four great advantages of using anonline SIP calculator.

It gives you accurate results

An SIP calculator helps you get accurate results, which is fundamental to taking calculated risks. You can enter details like your monthly investment amount, tenor and expected rate of return to gain accurate results of your total invested amount, total maturity amount and your earning on the investment. The accurate results of this calculator backed by the formula in its system removes the need to manually calculate your returns and make a mistake.

5 Reasons why you should invest in SIPs

It gives you faster results

Apart from giving you accurate results, the SIP calculator also gives you much faster results than manually calculating the same. Also, one calculation gives you information on your total invested amount, your total maturity amount and your total SIP income. This means you don’t have to perform multiple calculations to get these different amounts. The bonus is that you can access it online at anytime, without needing to do math or a use a physical calculator.

It helps you invest better

One of the key benefits of using anSIP calculator is the fact that you can forecast your investment plans and look at different outcomes. You can change the tenor or the investment amount to see how your SIP may be affected. This in turn helps you choose the best tenor and amount in order to reap the most profitable returns.

It helps you make an informed selection of an SIP

By being able to toggle the interest rate on the SIP calculator,you can see the potential returns on different SIPs with the same tenor and same investment amount. By comparing the results of these SIP options, you can choose the best SIP to invest in. This helps you choose a top SIP for your investment to perform well and reap high profits.

Use an SIP calculator to make the most of your investment and capitalise on your future gains. Read about the types of SIPs available in India and see how you can get the most out of your SIP.

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