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3 ways in which UAN has made your life easier

  • Highlights

  • UAN is a 12-digit Universal Account Number

  • You can only have one UAN for all your EPF accounts

  • Access, transact & monitor PF-related information with UAN

  • You can access your UAN account on the UMANG app

To streamline the process of checking and collating the Employees’ Provident Fund, the Narendra Modi government introduced the UAN or Universal Account Number in 2014. This 12-digit number, on the one hand, allows employers to organise the provident fund contributions for all their employees and, on the other, allows you to keep a track of all your PF accounts in one place.

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Take a look at the three ways in which UAN number makes your life easy.

1. Withdraw without your previous employer’s approval

With UAN, all your PF accounts, including the ones from your past employers, are brought under one UAN and you can withdraw money from your past accounts as well. Further, with a UAN number you need to get the signature only of your current employer in case you want to withdraw funds, saving you the trouble of contacting your previous employers.

To enable this facility however, you will need to update your KYC details, link your Aadhaar number, update you bank details and ensure that all these KYC details are verified by your employer. This is easy if you are using the same KYC documents between your previous and new employers.

2. Enjoy one UAN for life

Your UAN is a 12-digit number which once allotted remains unaltered for your entire career. You simply need to ensure that this number is communicated to your new employer every time you switch jobs. To maximise the UAN benefit, link PF accounts with UAN number . This will ensure that all your PF-related information is handy and available to you.

This way you can keep track of the funds in your Provident Fund account, withdraw and monitor the balance at any time and from anywhere. Also, you have the freedom of handling only one UAN number and password as compared to handling multiple login information for various PF accounts. Equipped with this information you can access the UAN member portal, epfindia.gov.in, as required to access your PF details, raise request, alter personal information, etc.

3. Make access more convenient by using the mobile application

UAN allows you to use the Government of India’s UMANG mobile app to track your EPF contribution and apply for withdrawals right from your registered mobile number. Performing these tasks is simple and more convenient with this app, which allows you to check your details on the go.

Not only can you keep track of the contributions and withdraw money when you feel the need, but you can also get monthly updates on the contribution made by your employer. To use the app, ensure that your mobile number, Aadhaar details, KYC details and bank account are linked to your UAN number.

The UAN is the big step towards simplifying the vast EPF data of the entire nation, which includes your PF information as well. This adds more efficiency to the process of data access and provides more transparency to you as well.

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