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3 reasons why engineers should take big data analytics seriously

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  • Big data: An opportunity for engineers

  • Affordably set up analytics

  • Serving multi-industry clients

  • Assured financial income

According to the IDC Digital Universe study, the Indian digital universe is expected to grow 25-fold from 2012 to 2020. This means that big data analytics is set to witness an exponential boom in India. Further, only 39% of the digital data in India is protected, and there is lot of scope for security enterprises to provide cost-effective solutions. Lastly, cloud adoption for digital information is seeing a boom, and by 2020 at least 42% of big data is expected to be accessed via cloud.

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As an engineer with expertise in mathematics, statistics, data science, and information technology, you have the skills that are needed to take up big data analytics as a profession. You can do a lot of exciting work in this sphere, enabling government bodies, corporations, social entrepreneurs, and education centres to tap into big data and make a perceivable difference.
Take a look at why you should take big data analytics seriously.

1. Tackle data almost immediately

Data analytics involves a programming framework and access to a large corpus of data. Using software like Java, C, and Python along with a good team, you can get started on data analytics. Your natural instinct to solve equations and break down complicated data into segments will come to your aid, and you can delve into this business with ease. For setting up this business, whether it is investing in necessary software or technology, hiring people, or marketing your service to new clients or customers, you can use a customised Engineer Loan. Featuring simple eligibility criteria and funds up to Rs.15 lakh, it is a convenient and an affordable way to diversify into big data analytics.

2. Serve multi-industry clientele

The best part about data analytics is that it is used across industries, sectors and departments. So, you can service clients from healthcare, manufacturing, education, media, retail and even the real estate domain and thus, diversify your offerings. This way, your potential for growth and profitability increases manifold.

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3. Be assured of a good financial income

Whether you provide information security, offer solutions for faster real-time response, give your clients speed of access, provide cloud computing solutions, or create the architecture for better lead analysis, you can be sure to earn a high revenue. To become more competitive, you can refresh your knowledge of bash scripting, SQL, Kafka, etc., and offer niche services in domains like sales.

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