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3 reasons that make 3D Mammography Scanners A Must For Your Cancer Screening Facility

  • Highlights

  • Recreationof physical image into 3-dimensional forms

  • Diagnosis of fibrocystic breast tissues

  • Minimise follow-ups and false-positive recalls

  • No additional discomfort

This #WorldCancerDay, make a difference with 3D mammography scanners. Helping in early detection and accurate diagnosis, 3D mammography scanners help to maximize cancer survival rate. Read to know the 3 reasons that make these scanners a must for your cancer screening facility.

India has the third highest number of breast cancer cases in the world, with a projected addition of more than 17.4 lakh new cases by 2020. Awareness and treatment options are still at its infancy, because of which the survival rate is 66.1%, as opposed to survival rate of 90% in the U.S. and Australia.

1. Helps in early detection

The primary reason for this is the late diagnosis of cancer. The lack of adequate screening equipment and knowledge are also partly responsible. To tackle this, a 3D mammography, also known as Tomosynthesis can help. It is a futuristic diagnostic tool utilizing a low-dose x-ray system, for early detection of breast cancer.
Is it expensive? It costs about Rs.10 lakh to Rs.35 lakh. However, you can choose easy funding options for a 3D mammogram with collateral-free flexi loans for doctors offering up to Rs.35 lakh.

2. Accurate diagnosis

A 2D mammogram captures the image of the breast tissue from two different angles while a 3D mammogram captures the view from multiple angles. The 3D version then breaks down the physical image of a breast and reconstructs it on a computer in 3D form, generating thin “slice” images of the breast. This enables medical practitioners to diagnose the presence and severity of tumors and lumps growing within.
In case of patients with fibrocystic or dense tissues, 3D digital mammograms are proven to be more effective. Dense breast tissues and cancer both appear white on a mammogram, so if cancer develops in a dense tissue region, diagnosis becomes challenging. This is where tomosynthesis comes into play by creating 3D images of the breast tissue to ensure accurate diagnosis, thereby reducing follow-ups, and false-positives.

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3. No additional discomfort

For your patients undergoing 3D mammography, the experience will be like undergoing a 2D mammography. There is no increase in discomfort, although the 3D test takes a few seconds longer than the 2D one.
While the cost of undergoing tomosynthesis is higher compared to 2D testing, the accurate diagnosis, and reduced follow-ups, are greater benefits. Patients are now focusing on the cost-benefit attached to 3D testing, creating a significant difference in the patient’s quality of life.

Breast cancer is the highest occurring type of cancer in Indian women, at the rate of 25.8 per 100,000 women. With access to superior diagnostic facilities, the mortality rate of 12.7 per 100,000 women can be reduced.

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