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How to Register on CoWIN App for COVID-19 Vaccination

The government of India had launched the COVID Vaccine Intelligence Work (CoWIN), a digital platform to help people register for vaccinations, on January 16, 2021. The CoWIN App is maintained and operated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. You can easily book slots for taking vaccines in nearby areas as per your convenience. You can also download the vaccination certificate from CoWIN once you have taken the vaccine.
Most of the population in India have been administered both doses of vaccines. The COVID-19 booster dose for senior citizens and people with comorbidity was launched in January. Those who wish to receive a jab can do a self-registration directly on CoWIN app or through the Aarogya Setu app, which supports CoWIN registration.
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How register yourself on CoWin app?

  • Get into 'Register/Sign in yourself.
  • Put an authentic mobile number and receive an OTP
  • Place the OTP within 180 seconds for verification
  • After validation of OTP, the 'Register for Vaccination' page comes into play
  • Enter the necessary information, such as name, number, photo ID, age and gender proofs
  • Hit the 'Register’ button
  • A confirmation message is being received once the registration has been successful

How to register for ‘on-the-spot’ Covid-19 vaccine registration?

In line with the directives issued by the Central Government of India, many states have permitted on-spot vaccine registration for those aged between 18-45 years. They can apply for the same and do not have to go for cowin registration portal login necessarily.

Which age groups are eligible to register for vaccination on the CoWIN portal?

Currently, the people of 18-44 years of age can go for vaccine registration for above 18 and those between 45-59 years can register for vaccination on cowin registration portal.

How to pre-register online for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment?

One can pre-register online and obtain an appointment through Co-WIN portal. Likewise, In this regard, you have to provide some basic details to get yourself registered online. Besides, one can register four people by using one mobile phone number. Moreover, you can view dates and times of available vaccination slots to avail an appointment through the portal. Afterward, you will also receive a confirmatory SMS later.

What is beneficiary reference id in CoWin app

The beneficiary will get SMS on their registered mobile number while getting the due dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. A certificate will also be issued to the beneficiary after getting a final dose of the vaccine.

Quick steps for CoWin registration with website

  • Apart from covaxin registration online on the cowin website for vaccine registration, you can do cowin registration for 18 directly by visiting the cowin website registration.
  • After signing up, put your mobile number and submit to receive an OTP. Once the OTP has been received, go for verification.
  • After inserting all the information, such as name, gender, photo ID, year of birth and proof, click on register. Besides, you can register four people at a time for vaccination.
  • Once the registration is complete, there will be an option for scheduling an appointment.
  • Click on the schedule option and put the area pin code and it will show all the centers where the vaccination drive is on.
  • You can then pick up the center, suitable date and time of vaccination and confirm.

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