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How to improve Credit Card eligibility and what are the Influential Factors?

How can you improve your credit card eligibility and what are the influential factors?

Today, credit cards are available with attractive features and benefits, and their credit limit can be considerably high too. Bajaj Finserv brings the exclusive Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard with the power of 4 cards combined in one. You need to fulfill specific credit card eligibility requirements to avail this card and enjoy all the benefits.

You can also improve your eligibility by increasing your creditworthiness. It defines your ability to repay any borrowed amount in time. With improved creditworthiness, you may get a higher usable credit limit and more useful features.

Know the factors that influence credit card eligibility:

a) Credit score

A high CIBIL score reflects an individual’s creditworthiness. As per the Credit Card eligibility criteria of Bajaj Finserv, you must hold a credit score above 750 to get a Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. A higher score close to 900 makes you eligible for a Credit Card with a higher credit limit. A strong credit history means better eligibility.

b) Existing debts

Even if you pay all the dues on time, your income defines how much you can repay. If after the existing debts, you still carry a good capacity to repay, the eligibility increases.

How to improve eligibility for credit cards?

Do the following to improve your eligibility:

• Repay debts on time.
• Do not exhaust the credit limit of your Credit Card.
• Keep a healthy mix of secured and unsecured credit.
• Limit loan applications to limit enquiries.

Doing all these will increase your credit score and creditworthiness, thus, making you more eligible. Meet all the Credit Card criteria of eligibility and get approval without any hassle.

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Did you know, a good CIBIL score can help you get a better deal on loans and credit cards?

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