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How to File a Car Insurance Claim?

How to file a car insurance claim?

Filing a car insurance claim is a hassle-free process if you get the basics right. Here's the process of doing so.

- Make sure to immediately inform your insurer regarding the claim.

- Find out the documents you need to attach to your claim form.

- Your insurer might need a proof of loss along with other relevant documents related to your claim. Keep your car repair bills, copy of police report, and other relevant documents and give all the information as demanded by your insurer.

- Do keep documents of all the expenses incurred due to the accident, which can later be reimbursed.

- Make sure to keep all the copies of your paperwork, you might need them later.

Is there a time within which a claim needs to be made?

Yes, there’s a stipulated time within which you need to make the car insurance claim

Is it worth making a claim if the damage is not extensive?

Ideally, you should file a claim if the damage is extensive.

However, if the damage is minimal and the repair cost is nominal, you shouldn't make a claim.

This will help you avail discount on premium during policy renewal.

Hence, it's advisable to find out about the costs involved when you go for private repairing of your car following an accident.

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