How to File Accident Insurance Claim?

Steps to File Your Accident Insurance Claim

Filing claims in case of personal accident insurance varies from one insurer to another. Accidental death insurance or other claims can be filed by following this process:

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• Inform the insurance company when the accident takes place before or while going to the hospital. The reference/policy number should also be given to the insurance company for registration of the claim.
• The insurance company should be informed during hospitalization of the patient along with the nature of the injury and all documents covering treatment, diagnosis and billing should be properly maintained. The company should be informed about the hospital where the patient is admitted.
• The health insurance company representative will then be sent to the address of the customer or hospital to verify this claim and collect all necessary documents for processing the same.
• Most insurance companies will also need the FIR from the police station which has jurisdiction over the area where the accident happened.