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How to block ATM card

Procedure to block ATM card

Many people have fallen for credit and debit card fraud, but such cases have become increasingly prevalent with technology. However, you can prevent yourself from falling prey to such scams if you know how to block an ATM card in the event of card misplacement or theft.

Blocking the debit card is also essential as if the card details are leaked online or get into the wrong hands, the cardholder may have to face financial loss. Thus, having a suitable card protection plan is advisable to give you instant assistance in blocking your cards and preventing any significant loss.

Go through the following sections to know the various ways through which one can block a debit card.

Call Or Contact Your Bank To Block Your ATM Card

Banks extend customer care numbers for various services, including the ATM card blocking service. One can dial this number to start with the process of debit card blocking. To continue, one needs to enter the card details.

Upon completion, the user receives a notification via call or email ID about the same. Furthermore, most banks appoint a customer service executive to assist customers with the further steps regarding the application for ATM card blocking.

ATM card block application through Netbanking

Another way to block an ATM card is through the facility of net banking. Customers can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to the net banking portal by entering the correct username and password

  • Step 2: Locate the e-services tab and click on ATM card services and then block ATM card

  • Step 3:Choose the account under which you want to block the registered credit or debit card

  • Step 4: The next page will show all the details about the active and blocked card

  • Step 5: Choose the relevant card and click on submit

  • Step 6: Verify all details and then choose the mode of authentication, i.e., via profile password or mobile OTP

  • Step 7: Complete the authentication process and click on confirm

The screen will display a success message with a ticket number upon following these steps. You can note this number for further usage.

ATM card block number for card blocking through SMS

You can clock you ATM card by contacting a 24x7 helpline toll-free number 1800-419-4000. Apart from this,you can also block your ATM card Is through SMS. Individuals wondering how to block ATM cards can follow the set of steps given below:

  • Step 1: Type the message in a specified format, as specified by the bank

  • Step 2: Send this message from the registered mobile number


Upon completing these steps, the bank will send a confirmation SMS, which will contain the ticket number and date and time of card blocking. You can check updates on your bank’s website using the given credentials.

Visit your bank branch for ATM card block application

If individuals find the methods mentioned above confusing or overwhelming, they can directly visit the bank branch for assistance. Bank officials will help you block your debit card immediately without much hassle upon visiting.

Why do we need to block an ATM Card?

Knowing how to block an ATM card will save one from bearing financial losses due to fraud. Undergoing this process as soon as someone’s card gets stolen or misplaced will ensure complete monetary protection.

One should opt for ATM card blocking under the following circumstances:

  • In case of ATM card theft
  • If an individual’s debit card lands in the hands of the wrong person, they can misuse it
  • During any unauthorised online payment or cash withdrawal
  • In case of any SMS or email alerts regarding PIN change or failed ATM cash withdrawal attempts

Steps to automatically block ATM card

In certain situations, banks tend to block ATM cards of customers. An automatic ATM card block can happen under the following circumstances:

One should opt for ATM card blocking under the following circumstances:

  • An old ATM card automatically deactivates when its validity expires. After this, the bank issues a new debit card.
  • Banks automatically block ATM cards when there is a possible security breach. After this, the customer receives a new ATM card.
  • Banks also block ATM cards upon suspecting any fraudulent or uncommon transactions from a customer’s bank account. For instance, if someone who usually withdraws small amounts of money suddenly makes a substantial ATM withdrawal, such an action would alert the bank about an uncommon transaction.
  • Apart from these, three wrong attempts of ATM PIN also lead to debit card blocking.

Under a few of the situations mentioned above, banks usually re-issue an ATM card within a few days. However, an individual will have to apply for a card unblocking or send in an application for a new ATM card under such circumstances.

Also, you can opt for the Wallet Care Card Protection plan by Bajaj Finserv, which offers comprehensive services at a minimal price of Rs. 699 per year. You get benefits like 24x7 card blocking facilities, emergency travel assistance, an option for SIM card blocking, PAN card replacement and a few other complimentary fraud protection benefits.

Fraud with ATM cards can dig a hole in one’s pocket. After knowing how to block ATM cards, you must also follow some safe practices to keep your cards secure, allowing them to avoid legal hassles.

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