How does the insurance work?

General insurance is one of the segments in insurance that provides you with a financial cushion against loss or damage to your valuables. General insurance can be categorised as per the needs of:


As an individual, you own assets in form of home, motor, and property.

A home insurance safeguards your home from natural and man-made disasters such as flood, earthquake, and burglary,

A motor insurance protects your vehicle against theft, damage and legal issues.

On the other hand, property insurance provides a safety net to your property against theft, fire, etc.

For those who like to travel, travel insurance is another form of general insurance where you get a reimbursement in case you suffer from any losses during travel.


Often companies need to send consignment and cargo to different parts of the world.

A marine insurance can help protect themselves from financial losses arising due to lost/damage/delayed/spoilt cargo.

Motor insurance is also helpful for corporates that own vehicles.

Businesses need to hedge themselves against various financial losses arising from day-to-day operations.

A corporate insurance can help businesses safeguard themselves against losses.

Rural Insurance

A rural insurance can help safeguard assets like livestock, cattle, plantation, property, crop, etc.

This is helpful for individuals engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Can general insurance be purchased online?

Yes, you can purchase a general insurance policy online.

Are general insurance policies for a lifetime?

No. General insurance policies are often annual contracts and unlike life insurance policies they are not for a lifetime.

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