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Home Loan Rules and Regulations in India

Guidelines to Follow when Taking a Home Loan

When you apply for a home loan, there are some rules and regulations that should be followed to make the process of borrowing a little easier. These are:

1. Do not delay payments on existing EMIs or credit card dues, to prevent your credit score from being lowered while the home loan sanction is under process. The best deals on home loans are generally given only to individuals with a good credit score.
2. Select the best loan option for you. Compare and study which home loan interest rate suits you best. You may want to maintain a stable budget every month thus opting for a fixed interest rate and tenor.
3. Use a home loan eligibility calculator to check out how much loan amount you can borrow from the company.
4. Keep your personal and financial documents required for home loan ready as you will need them while applying for the loan.
5. Larger the down payment, the better for you. You should start saving for the initial down payment, as that can be anywhere between 2.5% to 25% of the total cost of the home you are planning to buy.
6. Maintain a good relationship with your lending company. This will help you with your loan sanctions. One way to do this is to be prompt in responding to any queries from your lender.

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