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Home Loan: Overview

Latur is a district in Maharashtra. Being Maharashtra’s 16th biggest city and with 25.47% of its residents being an urban population, it serves as the district centre. Latur’s economy relies on agriculture, the area’s primary activity.

Bajaj Finserv brings good tidings to residents of Latur. Starting from 8.60%* p.a., you can avail a home loan from us and repay through a relaxed repayment tenor. We want to help you actualize your dream of being a homeowner.

Home Loan in Latur: Features & Benefits

If you have doubts about our home loan package, particularly the advantages, reading this section should help. Below is a list of detailed information on the benefits that you stand to enjoy when you take a home loan from us.

  • Online account management

    Virtual-based application 

    To be in touch with the future, we have created an online-based application method that allows you to apply for a home loan without leaving your house. However, it’s impossible to upload some documents needed to process your application. In this case, you may need to visit our closest branch to you. Aside from that, the process is virtual. 

  • Large loan amount

    Large loan amount

    Provided that you have an excellent credit score and a clean debt repayment record, you can access a home loan from us worth Rs.5 crores or more, basis eligibility. 

  • Basic documentation requirements

    Basic documentation requirements

    We regulate the number of documents needed to process a loan application. As a result, we only need a couple of documents, and this lets us have a quick turnaround time. 

  • Speedy loan pay-outs

    Speedy loan pay-outs 

    Say goodbye to long waiting periods to receive your approved loan amount. Thanks to the minor documentation involved in our home loans, we process applications quickly and disburse money within 48 hours* of you submitting all documents. Do note that you must submit all necessary documents before we make payment.

  • Flexi loan feature

    Flexi loan feature

    To make our home loan package alluring, we have furnished it with a special Flexi loan feature. This means that you can reduce the amount spent to service your loan. You can also use this feature to make multiple withdrawals. Feel free to repay at your convenience. 

  • External benchmark-linked loans

    External benchmark-linked loans 

    Our existing and new customers in Latur can take a home loan with an interest rate that’s linked to outer benchmarks like the repo rate. By doing so, they qualify to enjoy occasional rate cuts. 

Interest Rate Applicable to Our Home Loan

Due to a recent review of the interest charged on home loans, we now offer home loans for a low rate of 8.60%* p.a. This applies to any desired loan amount. This rate enables you to pay a reduced amount of Rs.755/lakh* as equated monthly instalments EMIs on your loan.

A quick tip: Your final interest rate depends on certain factors, such as your credit profile, etc.

How to Become Eligible for Our Home Loan

List of parameters with which we evaluate your eligibility for the housing loan in Latur. The parameters are:

  1. Citizenship
    This is an integral part of the eligibility requirements for a home loan in Latur. You need to be an Indian citizen living in India.
  2. Age bracket
    As a salaried applicant, you must belong to the age range of 23 to 62 years. For self-employed applicants, you must be aged between 25 and 70 years.
  3. Employment
    Salaried and professional applicants must have an income of Rs.25,000.
  4. Work Experience
    To stand a chance of getting approved and also enjoy nice terms, you must possess work experience of at least 3 years
  5. Credit History
    This comprises your credit score and debt repayment record. You need a credit score of up to 725 and should not have defaulted on the repayment of other loans if you took any.

Documents Needed to Process Your Application

Below is the list of the document required for home loan:

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) 
  • Salary slips of up to 3 months
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Sale Deed with Registration Receipt

Apart from the list above, our representative may ask you to provide more documents if we need them.

Turn Your Dream into Reality Today

You should try Bajaj Finserv, a company committed to providing customers with affordable home loans.Check your EMI through home loan EMI Calculator. Other available loans include loans against property and personal loans. We also offer home loan balance transfers. All these packages have incredible advantages.

Did you know, a good CIBIL score can help you get a better deal on loans and credit cards?