How to Convert Hectare to Square Meter?

As per the measurement scale, 1 hectare is equal to 10,000 square meter. Both hectare and square meters are popular measurement units used to determine the land area. For instance, if a plot measures 8 Hectare, its calculation in Square meter will be -

1 Hectare = 10,000 Square meter
8 Hectare = 8*10,000 Square meter
8 Hectare = 80,000 Square meter

Individuals can also use Hectare to square meter calculator available online to simplify the calculation. This tool is free and easy to use.

What is Hectare?

Hectare can be described as a plot of land that is equivalent to 2.47 acres in the United States customary measurement or the British Imperial System. Alternatively, it is also described as an area of a square with 100-meter sides. The symbol ‘ha’ is used to denote a hectare. This non-SI metric unit is primarily used for land measurement. Also, this measurement unit is widely used across the globe to measure plots of land for planning, land ownership, management, agriculture, land deeds, town planning, forestry, etc.

Though it is not an SI unit (International System of Units), it is derived from SI as it is proportional to square hectometer. The word hectare is derived from the metric prefix hector that denotes a factor of 100 and the metric area ‘are’. Hectare is accepted and widely used in countries such as Canada, the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Myanmar.

What is Square Meter?

A square meter (m2) is an SI unit of area. It can be described as a square that has equal sides of 1 meter each. Typically, this measurement unit is used to measure area within a given room or the total area of a piece of land.

Square meter is considered to be an SI derived unit and not an SI unit. Note that applying standard prefixes to the square meter signifies decimal multiples; for example, square decameter, square kilometer, and square hectare meter. However, these larger measurement units are rarely used, since the square meter is already a sizeable measurement.

Note that 1 square meter is equivalent to:

  • 0.000001 square kilometer
  • 10000 square centimeters
  • 0.0247 cents
  • 10.76 square feet
  • 0.0001 hectare
  • 0.0002 acres

The table below offers insight into city-wise price per square meter in India.

City Price Per/Square Meter (Rs.)
Mumbai metropolitan region 73,053 
Capital region 45,822
Pune 43,236
Ahmedabad 30,215
Chennai 40,843
Bengaluru 53,120
Hyderabad 48,535
Kolkata 34,585

Steps to Convert Square Meter to Hectare

Typically, 1 square meter is equivalent to 0.0001 hectares. One can easily convert square meters to hectare (sq. m to ha) by using the following formula:

ha =m2/10000

However, complex manual calculations can be altogether avoided by using an online area conversion calculator. This tool is easily accessible and helps receive accurate results in just a few clicks. Use the tool to convert 1 hectare to square meter or square meter to hectare in no time.

Follow the below simple steps to convert square meter to hectare with an area calculator.

  • Step 1: Select a reliable area converter calculator online
  • Step 2: Select ‘Square Meters (m2)’ from the ‘Convert From’ dropdown menu
  • Step 3: Select ‘Hectares (ha) from the dropdown menu of the ‘Convert To’ field
  • Step 4: Enter the value/area you want to convert, like 1 hectare to sq. meter

Once these steps are complete, the converted value will appear right away.

Example: An individual plans to buy a plot of land, and land area is expressed in square meters, say 60 m2. Since the intending buyer is more comfortable using the hectare scale, he/she decides to use an area converter tool online. After using the tool, the individual found out that the property area was 0.006 hectare which matched the requirement perfectly.

Square Meters to Hectares Conversion Table

Check the below table to gain insight into square meter to hectare (sq. m to ha) conversion.

Square Meter (sqm2) Hectare(ha)
1 m2 0.0001 ha
2 m2 0.0002 ha
3 m2 0.0003 ha
4 m2 0.0004 ha
5 m2 0.0005 ha
6 m2 0.0006 ha
7 m2 0.0007 ha
8 m2 0.0008 ha
9 m2 0.0009 ha
10 m2 0.001 ha
11 m2 0.0011 ha
12 m2 0.0012 ha
13 m2 0.0013 ha
14 m2 0.0014 ha
15 m2 0.0015 ha
16 m2 0.0016 ha
17 m2 0.0017 ha
18 m2 0.0018 ha
19 m2 0.0019 ha
20 m2 0.002 ha

Hectare to Square Meter Conversion Table

As discussed, one hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters, which is nearly 2.47 acres.

Convert hectares to square ,eters easily using the following formula:

1 ha = 10,000 m2

For quick solution, take a look at this hectare to square meter conversion table below.

Hectares (ha) Square meters (m2)
1 10000
5 50000
10 100000
15 150000
20 200000
25 250000
30 300000
35 350000
40 400000
45 450000
50 500000

Example: A land with an area of 230 hectares is for sale. The intending buyer is more familiar with the square meter measurement unit. So, to gain a clear picture, the individual decides to convert 230 hectares to square meter. After using the area converter tool, the intending buyer found out that 230 hectare of land is 23,00,000 square meters.

Learning about area conversion is also necessary when it comes to availing mortgage loans. Property owners familiar with these calculations can gauge the loan amount available against their property more easily.


How many Hecatre in Square Meter?

1 Hectare= 10,000 Square Meter

How to convert hectare to square meter?

1 Hectare= 10,000 Square meter. So multiply the given number with 10,000 , in order to convert it into square meter.

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