Healthcare with Bajaj Finserv Health: Get Best Healthcare Services, Healthcare Tips & Plans In 2020

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Bajaj Finserv Health app Bajaj Finserv Health app

Bajaj Finserv Health: Healthcare at home

Get personalised healthcare at your fingertips

Bajaj Finserv Health: Get healthcare at home

A one-stop solution for all your and your family’s healthcare needs, Bajaj Finserv Health is your personalised health manager. With all healthcare services in one place, you can stay healthy the smart way. Click here to download the app.
  • Best doctors near you

  • Healthcare tips

  • Medicine & vaccination tracker

  • Online doctor consultation

Features and benefits of Bajaj Finserv Health:


1. Get personalised healthcare plans and packages

From preventive health check-ups and online doctor/medical consultation, to health insurance and full body check-ups, Bajaj Finserv Health personalises healthcare plans for you and your family.


2. Find the best clinics near you

Search doctors with various specialisations such as general physicians, cardiologists, dentists, paediatricians, dermatologists and more, in and around your vicinity. You can find doctors by their name, clinic, specialty or by your health concerns/symptoms.


3. Book appointments the hassle-free way

Make an appointment with the doctor of your choice and avoid the long queues at clinics or hospitals.


4. Consult doctors online via telemedicine

With Bajaj Finserv Health, you can get doctor consultation via video from the comfort of your home. Get your prescription on the app without the hassle and risks of going to a hospital.


5. Get COVID-19 care at home

Find your nearest COVID-19 testing location, book your COVID-19 tests and talk to our COVID-19 assistant to identify your risk of COVID-19. Check your COVID risks here.


6. Store your Personal health records in our ‘Health Vault’

Upload prescriptions, store lab test records, medical history and health records such as BMI and vitals, all in one place. You can share these with your doctor and laboratories as and when you need.


7. Know your health score and track fitness

Answer a few quick questions pertaining to your daily lifestyle choices and know how healthy your lifestyle is in just 5 minutes. To get your personalised health scorecard, click here.
You can also set and track your daily fitness goals such as steps, distance and calories, for a healthier lifestyle.


8. Schedule your health reminders

Set reminders to take your prescribed medication on time. You can also view recommended vaccinations for your children and get reminders for this as well. On Bajaj Finserv Health, you can also keep a tab on your upcoming appointments.


9. Access multiple benefits with various health membership cards

Use your heath cards such as the Ruby Hall Membership card to avail discounts on OPD, IPD, diagnostics, pharmacy services and more.


                              Bajaj Finserv Health App

How to get healthcare at home

  • Step 1

    Install Bajaj Finserv Health from the Play Store or App Store.

  • Step 2

    Enter your mobile number to get started

  • Step 3

    Enter the One-time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile number

  • Step 4

    Enter your first name, last name, date of birth and gender, to get personalised healthcare


Frequently asked questions

What is Bajaj Finserv Health?

Bajaj Finserv Health is an all-in-one healthcare app where you can get a wide range of healthcare services such as accessing personalised healthcare plans, finding clinics near you, booking appointments, storing your health records and much more.

How to avail healthcare services with Bajaj Finserv Health?

You can avail personalised healthcare services by simply downloading the Bajaj Finserv Health app. To get the app on your mobile phone, all you need to do is follow the below steps -

Step 1: Install the Bajaj Finserv Health app from App Store or Play Store
Step 2: Enter your mobile number
Step 3: Enter the One-time Password (OTP) sent to your mobile number
Step 4: Enter your first name, last name, date of birth and gender, to get personalised healthcare

What is Health Card and how is it different from Bajaj Finserv Health?

Bajaj Finserv Health is an all-in-one healthcare app that offers you personalised healthcare services for you and your family. With Bajaj Finserv Health, you can search for top doctors near you, book appointments, schedule medicine or vaccine reminders, store all your health records at one place and more.

The Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card is a unique payments solution that allows you to divide the cost of your medical expenses into No Cost EMIs. The Health EMI Network Card can be used to avail 800+ treatments (eye care, dental care, hair transplantation, diagnostic care and many more) from over 5,500 partners across 1,000+ cities in India.

How can Bajaj Finserv Health help in meeting my healthcare needs?

Being an all-in-one healthcare platform, Bajaj Finserv Health offers the below features -

Health Assistant: Inform the health assistant of your symptoms and the assistant will conduct a preliminary diagnosis, while also informing you of the urgency/criticality of your situation and next steps.

Telemedicine: Get online consultation from reputed doctors through the telemedicine. For e.g., you can get in touch with doctors from Ruby hall clinic with a tap.

Find doctors near you: Search for the best doctors in Pune and book an appointment. Choose your specialist based on the symptoms through the health assistant.

Medicine reminders: Set your medicine schedule for any ongoing medications and receive reminders on time.

Vaccination trackers: Access the vaccination calendar, recommended by Indian Association of Paediatrics, for your child based on his/her age and gender. Receive timely reminders for the upcoming vaccinations and maintain your child’s vaccination calendar.

Health Vault: Store all your health records at one place and share with doctors during consultation. Health records from any booking made via Bajaj Finserv Health automatically gets added to the Health Vault.

Family health management: With Bajaj Finserv Health, manage the healthcare needs for not just yourself but your family too. Create and maintain health profiles for your family members on the app.

Exclusive benefits

Apart from being your personalised health manager, Bajaj Finserv Health also offers you exclusive features such as COVID symptom checker, a health risk assessment, a COVID quiz and a Digital Health EMI Network Card. Know more about the features available on the Bajaj Finserv Health app by clicking on the banners below.