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Gym Injury Insurance FAQs


Why should I buy the Gym Injury Insurance?

If you are a regular at the gym, fitness and sports activities, you could be at risk of an injury. Hence, Bajaj Finserv brings you Gym Injury Insurance which gives you coverage for medical costs incurred due to a gym injury.

What amount is covered under the Gym Injury Insurance?

The Gym Injury Insurance by Bajaj Finserv has a high coverage limit of Rs. 2,00,000.

What is the amount of premium I need to pay?

You pay a premium of just Rs. 499 per annum for the Gym Injury Insurance.

What are some benefits of the Gym Injury Insurance?

You get a comprehensive accident cover and coverage for medical treatment if you meet with an accident and injure yourself in a gym, sports or fitness activity.

Is there an age limit to be eligible for the Gym Injury Insurance?

Yes. Individuals below 18 years and those above 70 years are not eligible for the Gym Injury Insurance.

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