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Flexi Hybrid Home Loan

About Flexi Hybrid Home Loan

In a first of its kind facility, Bajaj Finserv presents Flexi Hybrid Loan. In this loan, you pay just interest as EMI for the initial tenor, and for balance tenor you pay the principal and interest only on the amount utilized.

  • Flexibility: Enjoy the flexibility of both – flexi-interest and flexi-term loan, in the same loan. You can withdraw from any part payments made*

  • Interest Only EMIs: Pay only interest during the initial flexi-interest loan tenor

  • Loan Limit: No reduction of loan limit during the interest only period

  • Repay Anytime: No restriction on repayment of principal amount.

  • No Additional Charges: Part pay, withdraw and even foreclose the loan amount without any additional charges

  • Nominal Annual Fees: Pay nominal maintenance fees at the end of every year, to reap benefits of hybrid flexi loan.


  • Enjoy up to 4 years of principal holiday period

  • Interest-only EMIs help you manage your finances better

  • Part-pay and withdraw instantly, through our customer portal

  • No limit and nil charges on the number of part-prepayments or withdrawals

  • Minimal chances of loan default

Eligibility Criteria

  • The loan applicant should be below 50 years of age.

  • Hybrid Flexi Loans cannot be given for under-construction property.

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