Firecracker Insurance - Overview

Firecrackers are an integral part of most celebrations and festivities, but there could always be risks of burns, injuries and fire. While you may not always be able to prevent such risks, you can get coverage for financial expenses incurred, with Firecracker Cover from Bajaj Finserv.
Get higher coverage for treatment expenses, loss of income, and insurance for permanent partial disability, at affordable premiums.


Firecracker Cover Features and Benefits

  • High Value Sum Insured

    Get coverage up to Rs. 1 lakh for just Rs. 549 per annum.

  • Permanent Partial Disability Covered

    In the event of permanent partial disability, you get sum insured up to Rs. 1 lakh, and are covered against:
    - Loss of the sight in both eyes
    - Physical separation of or the loss of ability to use both hands or both feet
    - Physical separation of or the loss of ability to use one hand and one foot
    - Loss of sight in one eye and the physical separation of or the loss of ability to use either one hand or one foot

  • Treatment Expense Covered

    • Expenses incurred due to accidental hospitalization are covered up to Rs. 2 lakh

    • Road ambulance charges are covered up to Rs. 25,000

  • Loss of Income Covered

    Loss of income due to disability is covered up to Rs. 1000 per week

  • What is Not Covered in Firecracker Cover

  • Individuals below 18 years and above 70 years of age are not eligible

  • Medical expenses other that due to injuries caused by firecrackers are not included in firecracker insurance cover

  • Any hospitalization for an existing disability from a previous accident is not covered

  • Any stay in hospital for an injury due to accident without undertaking any treatment is not covered in firecracker cover

How to Apply for Firecracker Cover?

Applying for a Firecracker Cover is easy and fast. What you need to do is, Fill out the Firecracker Cover Application Form Online, make the premium payment, and you’re done!

How to Claim under Firecracker Insurance Cover?

You can lodge a claim for your existing Firecracker Insurance Cover by contacting us through one of the following ways:

• E-mail –
• Toll free number - 1800-209-1021

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