Need help with the purchase of your dream bike, come to us. Bajaj Finance Ltd. is one of the most diversified NBFCs having served more than 1.7 million customers across India, also offering two and three wheeler finance at Bajaj showrooms and other authorized service stations across the country.

Product Portfolio

Bajaj Finance Limited is India’s most diversified NBFC. Our entire portfolio is designed to enable you to take control of your aspirations, which could be as varied as improving your lifestyle, buying a new motorcycle or household goods, or indulging in that much deserved family holiday. Whatever be your plan, we have the capability to support it.

The Auto Finance division, Bajaj Auto Finance, has been in operations since 1987 and has served more than 30 lakh customers across India. We offer our customers vehicle loans for the purchase of their favourite Bajaj Motorcycles among all variants namely Pulsar, Avenger, Discover, Platina and the latest V besides KTM motorcycles. We also provide easy and attractive financing schemes for the wide range of Bajaj RE three wheelers.

To apply for two and three wheeler loans, please click here.


Benefits of Bajaj Finserv Two and Three Wheeler Loan

We create loans that help you focus on buying the best motorcycle or a three wheeler without worrying about running cash flow. Read on to know more about the benefits of this loan:

3% foreclosure charges

A foreclosure charge of only 3% on the principal outstanding amount is applicable if you choose to foreclose before the 12th EMI billing.

Partial foreclosure

In some cases, partial foreclosure is also permitted, thereby allowing you to shorten the loan period if you want to or lower the remaining EMI amounts.

Transparent process

Within 10 days of taking your loan, you will receive a Welcome call & an SMS that covers all the necessary details of your loan from loan amount, due dates, EMI amount, and contact details.

Friendly call centre helpline with over 10 languages

Our call centre allows you to interact with us in your preferred language enabling better and friendly communication.

Easy pay-in-cash option

For small towns, where customers prefer not to open bank accounts, we have the facility to collect loan repayment in cash.

Special preapproved offers/ prime lending program

Our existing customers get special preapproved offers from time to time. Customers with exceptional credit track record get special schemes.


Loan Eligibility

Here are a few basic eligibility criteria you must fulfill before availing this loan:

  • Should be at least 21 years old (at the time of application) and less than or equal to 65 years (at the end of the loan tenor)
  • Should be residing in the city for at least one year
  • Should be working for at least one year
  • Should have a landline number either at the residence or at office

Documents required

Proof of identity

Copy of any one document listed below -

  • Passport, or
  • Photo credit card - front & reverse, or
  • Voters ID card, or
  • Driving license, or
  • PAN card, or
  • Company ID card of MNC/ public Ltd. / PSU/ Govt. company, or
  • Aadhar card

Address proof

Copy of any one document listed below -

  • Passport, or
  • Voters ID card, or
  • Driving license, or
  • Rental agreement, or
  • Telephone bill, or
  • Electricity bill, or
  • Gas connection bills,
  • Ration Card, or
  • Sale deed, or
  • Property purchase agreement, or
  • Credit card billing statement (latest), or
  • LIC policy, or
  • Letter from company or company provided accommodation (list of the company's as per the Banks List- ID card of MNC/ Public Ltd., / PSU/ Govt. company containing the residence address), or
  • Address proof in the name of the applicant's spouse or parents name is acceptable.

Income proof

  • Latest salary slip for Government employees; if salary slip is not available, only salary certificate to be accepted with deductions.
  • Other relevant documents will be required depending upon the segment and profile of the applicant.
  • Please contact your Bajaj Auto Finance representative at the nearest Bajaj Auto dealer to avail a loan.


Fees and Charges

Interest rates

The interest rates for finance of Bajaj, KTM motorcycles and Bajaj three wheelers are based on the following parameters:

  • Borrower’s profile;
  • Geography of residence;
  • Loan amount;
  • Bajaj Auto product for which finance is sought.

Depending on the above factors, customers are offered best interest rates possible


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an EMI?

A. EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installments. EMI provides you with ease repaying your loan over a period of time through fixed monthly payments. Every installment comprises of principal and interest component. In certain scenarios installment may be unequal and frequency can be quarterly.

Q2. What is repayment schedule?

A. Repayment schedule is your loan repayment schedule. It provides the amount of each Installment, due dates and breakup between principal and interest components. It also provides balance principal at every stage of installment.

Q3. How can I check my dues, foreclosure amount instantly?

A. You can send a SMS to our SMS service number 9223192235 by typing DUE or FC from your registered mobile number.

Q4. Is there any way to raise NOC request instantly?

A. Yes! You can send a SMS to our SMS service number 9223192235 by typing NOC from your registered mobile number. NOC will be issued once the loan tenure is completed and all dues are received as well as your vehicle RC number is updated with us. Please refer point 7 to make online payments.

Q5. Can I get my statement of account on email instantly?

A. Yes! You can send a SMS to our SMS service number 9223192235 by typing SOA from your registered mobile number.

Q6. Can I check my account information on website?

A. Yes! You need to login to our website with login credentials like registered mobile, Loan account number and Date of Birth OR login with OTP on your registered mobile number. Your loan account information will be displayed on the screen after login.

Q7. Can I pay my Installment and other dues online? If Yes then how?

A. Yes! You can pay your installment and other penal dues online by login to loan account OR through quick pay option. After login, click on ‘Make Payment’ option to pay your outstanding dues through our secured payment gateway.

Q8. Can I pay part payment or part foreclosure amount online?

A. Yes! You can pay part/part foreclosure payment online by login to loan account on website. You need to login to our website with login credentials like registered mobile, Loan account number and Date of Birth OR login with OTP on your registered mobile number. Click on ‘Part Foreclosure’ and pay your part payment through our secured payment gateway.

Q9. Can I see my loan summary and future Installments online?

A. Yes! You need to login to our website with login credentials like registered mobile, Loan account number and Date of Birth OR login with OTP on your registered mobile number. Your loan account information will be displayed on the screen after login.

For more queries, please refer to:


Contact us

State Mobile number State Mobile number State Mobile number
Maharashtra 92258-11110 Karnataka 93794-33222 Madhya Pradesh 74894-33222
Gujarat 93279-33222 Rajasthan 93516-33222 Uttar Pradesh 74995 33222
Tamilnadu 93450-33222 Punjab 93576-33222 Jharkhand 93045-33222
Kerala 93870-33222 Delhi 74289-33222 West Bengal 93784-33222
Chhattisgarh 93026-33222 Orissa 93378-33222 Andhra Pradesh 93901-33222
Bihar 93045 33222
New Delhi, Jaipur, Mohali, Lucknow, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Ranchi, Secunderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin (STD code)
33 00 5000

Helpline Working Hours: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (Monday to Saturday)
Other state customers can call any other state Helpline number as per their convenience.

For any query related to Bajaj Auto Finance, just send us an email on


Agreements and T&C

Credit bureau reporting:

Bajaj Auto Financing Limited is a member of Credit Bureaus like CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited). Your loan and repayment details are shared with Credit Bureaus periodically as per RBI (Reserve Bank of India) guidelines. Late payment or any payment default shall be reported to the Credit Bureaus and will affect your credit worthiness. Credit Bureaus are referred to by all banks and NBFC’s authorized by RBI before providing credit/finance options to customers. Maintaining a clear repayment track record helps to improve your credit worthiness and avail future loans easily.

Vehicle registration certificate:

Registration of your vehicle is mandatory. A copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate with hypothecation in favor of Bajaj Finance Limited, issued by the local RTO (Regional Transport Office) must be furnished within 30 days of taking your loan to the Bajaj Auto Finance representative at the Bajaj Auto dealership from where you purchased your vehicle. Kindly note that a No-Objection Certificate and Form 35 (NOC) cannot be issued by Bajaj Auto Finance without submission of the Vehicle Registration Certificate.


Financial Fitness Report

We launched the Financial Fitness Report (FFR) for our Salaried customers in December 2013.
Through this report we would educate and create financial and credit awareness among Salaried customers, one of our many value added services we provide. We have partnered with a firm called Credit Vidya who possesses the expertise in preparing the FFR for our customers.

The FFR is a concise, crisp, customized and easy to understand report, available at just Rs.749, for select existing customers, covering the following:

  • A customers’ credit score
  • Demystifying the credit score for the customer and informing him about his performance across various components of the score
  • Key monetary ratios & savings potential which would provide awareness to a customer about his financial leverage
  • Recommendations to the customer with respect to his credit behavior
  • DO’s & DON’T’s of good credit behavior

Click here to view a sample copy of the report

How to apply

The Financial Fitness Report is only available to select existing customers who have an offer on our Customer Portal.
To view the FFR offer, a customer must log in to the Customer Portal with a Username/Email ID/Mobile Number and Password.

Alternately a Salaried customer could seek information about the FFR from our Sales / Credit Manager during the Personal loan application process. The report for a new customer is priced at 999/-
Post application for a FFR, the report is generated within 3 days post disbursal of the loan and emailed to the customer on the email ID provided by him/her.