Shop on Ecommerce: Features and Benefits

Online Shopping made easy with Bajaj Finserv EMI card. Enjoy the benefits while you shop online:-

No Cost EMI Finance

Your EMI card lets you to shop without paying any interest rate on EMIs.

Avail the best offers from our E-Commerce partners

Get your favourite deals with offers rolled out on adhoc basis on platform of our E-Commerce partners.

Convenient shopping

Save time by shopping online and no need of visiting the dealer.

Zero down payment

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Card lets you shop online without any down payment.

Nil Processing Fee

No processing fee is levied when you use your EMI Card to shop online.

No Documentation

Your EMI Card carries all the necessary information that you require.

Easy and secure way to purchase the product online

Just search, click and buy your product with one time password authorization.


Q1. What is the eligibility criteria to buy products on no cost EMIs with Bajaj Finserv EMI finance?

A.To avail EMI finance through Bajaj Finserv you should be an existing Bajaj Finserv EMI card holder.

Q2. How can I avail EMI finance through Bajaj Finserv?

A.Select “Interest Free EMI (Bajaj Finserv)” option on the checkout page and follow the below steps:

  1. Just enter your EMI card number
  2. Select the tenure from the dropdown menu
  3. Click on the button to generate an OTP
  4. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number & click on submit

That’s it. You shall get an approval, and your products shall be shipped.

Q3. Do I need to pay anything additional to avail EMI finance through Bajaj Finserv?

A.No, there are no additional charges that need to be paid.

Q4. What documents will I have to submit?

A.There are no documents that need to be submitted. Once your finance is approved, the product would be dispatched by the dealer/merchant.

Q5. Can my application get rejected? What do I do in that case?

A.Approval/rejection of financing is solely at discretion of Bajaj Finance Limited. In the event that your loan application is not accepted, you would need to place a fresh order with a different payment type – COD or Prepaid.

Q8. Would I have to make any down payment?

A.Down payment would depend on the scheme that is selected. The schemes are being reviewed on a regular basis and may/are subject to change without any prior notice.

Q9. When do I pay my EMI? How would I get to know about the same? What will be my EMI?

A.Post your complete order is delivered, your loan would be booked by Bajaj Finserv. Once your loan is booked, you could view the details of your loan, such as tenure, loan amount, due date, etc. by logging in to Experia with your login credentials. You could also call them on their customer service numbers for further details.

Q10. Can someone else use the EMI card on my behalf?

A.For safety and security reasons, we recommend that only the card holder uses the EMI Card for making purchases. The liability of the loan taken using the EMI Card rests solely with the holder of the EMI Card.

Q12. Where can I get my Customer Portal (Experia) username and password?

A.Your login details are printed on the back of your EMI Card. Alternatively, you can SMS “EXPERIA” to +91 92275 64444 from your registered mobile to get the username and password

Q13. How do I change my mobile number, email or address given while of opting for the EMI Card?

A.Simply write to us on [email protected] or log on to the Customer Portal - Experia and make the necessary changes. Alternatively, you may speak to our Customer Service Executive on 020 – 3957 5152 (Call charges applicable).

Q14. What should I do if my EMI Card gives an error while swiping?

A.In case your problem is not resolved, please call us on 020 – 3957 5152 (Call charges applicable).

Q15. Can I pre-pay or foreclose my loan?

A.Yes, you can foreclose your loan at any point in time post the payment of your first EMI. There are no charges to foreclose. You can foreclose your loan online by logging on to Experia (Click here) through your login credentials.

Q16. When will I get the refund of my EMI in case I Cancel the loan?

A.Post cancellation of the loan, the amount would reflect in your registered account number in the next 2-3 working days.
Loans cancelled between 26th – 10th of the month would be processed only after the 11th of the next month.

Q17. Where can I make the payment if I have missed my payment date?

A.A. You can make an online payment by logging in to the Bajaj Finserv website – . An option is available for making payments for your EMI as well as making payment towards the overdue charges.
Alternatively, you could also visit the nearest Bajaj Finserv branch for making the payment. The details of the branches near you could be discovered through the option of “Visit our branch” under the “Reach Us” section on the website.

Q18. Can I make a payment in advance for my EMI?

A.You can make an advance EMI payment online by logging on to our website through Experia ID and password. Alternatively, you could also visit the nearest BFL branch for making the payment. The details of the branches near you could be discovered through the option of “Locate Us” under the “Reach Us” section on the website. The state and city details can be entered there to get the address of your nearest branch.

Any advance EMI payment needs to be made on or before 23rd of the month. Payments received post the 23rd of the month would not impact the next EMI. The next EMI would get deducted from the customer’s registered account.

Q19. I want to change my repayment mode (banking details)

A.You would have to visit Bajaj Finserv’s nearest branch and fill in a NACH form which needs to be submitted along with a cancelled cheque. This needs to be submitted on or before 12th of the month for the changes to be implemented from the next month. If the required mandate is not received before 12th of the month, then the deduction from the new account would be done post the next month’s EMI.

Q20. What is the Turn Around Time (TAT) for any service request?

A.The TAT for any request except for a dispute transaction is T+ 2

A.For dispute the TAT is T+5

A.T= the day the request is received.