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We are glad that you found your dream home. Now get the lowest interest rate on Home Loan in India, exclusively from Bajaj Finserv and let us turn your dream into reality, together.

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Features and Benefits

Introducing India’s lowest interest rate of 9.85% on an online Home Loan, exclusively from Bajaj Finserv.

Home Loan +

A unique offering to our home loan customers who are buying ready to occupy property. While we fund your dream home we also understand that you need to spend on the fixtures and fittings to make the place yours. As a part of the overall package, we offer you a separate amount exclusively for this.


If you have purchased your property within the last 12 months with your own funds, you can avail of our refinance option and take a loan up to the registered value of your property.

Part Prepayment facility

You can prepay any amount per prepay transaction not less than 3 EMIs. There is no limit on the maximum amount. This is subject to your clearing your first EMI. You need not give cheques / DD / come to branch since now you can also prepay sitting at your home / office through our Online Customer Portal – Experia.

Nil Foreclosure charges

You can choose to foreclose your home loan anytime during your loan tenor without paying any foreclosure charges.

Online Account Access

Get all information about your home loan like repayment track, interest certificate, payment schedule etc. through our customer portal - Experia. Just log in with your Username/Mobile number/Email ID and password to access information and transact on your loan account.

Customised Insurance Schemes

Group Credit Protection Plus from Bajaj Allianz

Non Medical Loan & Life Insurance of up to Rs. 300 Lacs

Level term Plan, which means you are covered for the complete amount despite reduction/prepayment of the loan amount

Coverage for the complete tenure of the loan up to a maximum of 30 years

Bajaj Allianz SFSP Policy

Bajaj Allianz’ SFSP Policy offers a comprehensive insurance cover for your home (i.e. residential building) against various contingencies to ensure that your prized possession is always safe!

Star Health Package Policy

Bajaj Allianz Star Health Policy covers upto Rs. 5 lacs and the benefits are payable for each day of hospitalization which gets doubled in case of ICU admission. Moreover, the premiums paid get income tax benefit upto Rs. 15,000

Frequently Asked Questions






Q1. What is the Home Loan Sanctioning and Disbursement Process?

A.Once you have selected the property, start preparing how to finance the House/Flat. You will be undergoing the following documentation process:
Application Form
Processing Fees
Documents Requirement
Personal Discussion
Investigation verification
Sanctioning of Loan
Acceptance of Loan
Legal / Property Assessment
Disbursement of Loan

Below is the step by step procedure for getting the home loan sanction and disbursed from Bajaj Finance. Do keep in mind that Loan sanction and loan disbursement are two different processes.

Application Form:

It is the 1st document which Bajaj Finance will be using as base for sanctioning the loan. It generally includes your personal information, contact details, property details, total (various) costs involved in buying property, loan amount required, your income details, tenure required. The application has to be accompanied with processing fee cheque.

Processing Fees:

As you will be given a Loan Application Form, you will be asked to deposit a processing fees along with filled Application form and documents.


Based on the loan application you have to submit the documents as detailed in our page Eligibility & Documents.

Essentially the following documents are required but may vary with the profile of customer:
Identity proof
Address proof
Income proof
Proof of educational qualifications
Age proof
Employment details
Bank statements
Details about the property in case you have finalized it before hand

Personal discussion:

This will happen immediately post submission of your documents. Depending on the customer profile, Personal discussion can happen physically or telephonically.

Investigation verification

Bajaj Finance may visit your company’s office and meet you personally in office. This would be over and above your residence meeting. Your telephone lines of work and home are also verified. It’s advisable when the investigation or validation process begins try to be available at your home or your work place in order to provide with the details.

Loan sanctioning/Loan sanctioning letter:

After the above few steps Bajaj finance would give you the loan sanctioning letter if eligible as per the norms of Bajaj Finance. Your credit worthiness is calculated by Bajaj Finance on the basis of your income, age, employer or firm with whom you work and CIBIL report or in case if you are self-employed then your nature of work, bank statements and CIBIL report and then plans out the maximum loan amount that Bajaj Finance can offer you. You are then issued a sanction letter. It has the details of the amount of loan sanctioned by Bajaj Finance. Final loan amount sanctioned and your loan eligibility are two different things. Once you know what you are eligible to get, you can decide on the loan amount. The loan sanctioning letter is an important document, keep it safe.

Sanction letter contains the following:
Loan sanctioned amount
Interest rates (Fixed or floating and related to which reference rate e.g. Bajaj Floating rate - BFRR)
Tenure of Loan
EMI Amount, mode of payment (Cheque or ECS)
Special scheme if any available.
Validity of the Loan sanctioning letter
Any other terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Sanction Letter:

If agreed to all the conditions of the loan, you need to return the same by signing on the letter (duplicate copy) to Bajaj Finance.

Note: Loan sanctioning and loan disbursement are 2 different process.

You can get 3 Crs. sanctioned but may not be able to disburse same because of improper papers of property. Bajaj Finance will sanction loan by seeing your credit worthiness/ability to repay, but will disburse the loan by seeing your property and its appropriate papers. Once you sanction the loan, immediately start collecting original property papers, as without them you can’t get the loan disbursed.

Legal / Property Assessment: For disbursing the loan you have to submit all the property papers, payment receipts in original to Bajaj Finance which will be kept as security for loan amount given to you. All the papers will be kept by Bajaj Finance till the loan is fully repaid. Bajaj finance will do the following with the papers.

a. Legal Check:

Legal check on your documents would be done to validate their authenticity.

b. Technical check:

Bajaj Finance take utmost care in their plan to finance the property. We send an expert to visit the premises you intend to purchase.

In case of under construction property:
Stage of construction is the same as that mentioned in the demand given to you by the builder.
Quality of construction and satisfactory progress of work.
Layout of flats and property is within permissions granted by the governing authority.
The builder has the requisite certificates to start construction at the site.
Valuation of the property in relation to other deals in the surrounding areas.

In case of ready/resale construction:
External / internal maintenance of the property.
The age of the building.
Quality of construction.
Surrounding area (development).
Whether the builder has received the requisite certificates for handing over possession of the flat.
There is no existing lien or mortgage on the property.
Valuation of the property in relation to other deals in the surrounding areas.

These inspections are carried out to protect consumer interests in terms of construction quality, adherence to local laws, approved building plans, etc. A technical inspection also lets Bajaj Finance understand the progress of construction so as to release the staggered disbursements.

Disbursement of Loan:

Signing the home loan agreement: All borrowers need to sign the home loan agreement. The original property documents have to be handed over to the bank at this stage.

Registration and Signing of Loan Agreement: Once you are done with the above process and your property gets a nod, the registration, stamping and signing of the loan agreement is done.

Disbursement of loan: Disbursement will happen only if all the papers relating to the property are proper and as per Bajaj Finance requirement, all receipts of payments have been submitted in original and loan agreement have been executed.

Q2. What process does Bajaj Finance follow after I apply for Home Loan?

A. Once we receive a completed application form along with the necessary supporting documents two things happen:

Determination of your eligibility for the Home Loan: For this we consider our internal policy guidelines and also examine all the documents submitted by you. If you are deemed eligible, you will get an approval for a specific loan amount based on your requirement, repayment capability and the value of the property. If we find we are unable to extend the loan to you, we will communicate the same to you promptly.

Legal and Technical verification: Lawyers and property valuers empanelled by Bajaj Finance will verify your title documents conduct a technical evaluation of the property.

Once both these are complete, Bajaj Finance will process the disbursement of your Home Loan.

Q3. Is it mandatory to have a co-applicant when applying for a Home Loan? If yes, who can be a co-applicant for my Home Loan?

A. It is not mandatory to have a co-applicant. If someone is the co-owner of the property in question, it is necessary that he/she also be the co-applicant for the Home Loan. If you are the sole owner of the property, any member of your immediate family can be your co-applicant.

Q4. How do I update my new mailing address?

A. If your new mailing address is the same for which the loan has been taken, you may change the address in either of the following ways:

By calling us on 020 3957 4151 (call charges apply) (W.e.f. 2 May 2015)

By using your registered email id to write to us at: wecare@bajajfinserv.in

If your new mailing address is not the one for which the loan has been taken, you will need to visit us in person at your nearest branch along with an original and self-attested copy of your new address proof and photo identity. For the list of documents we can accept for verification

Proof of new residence to be provided.

Q5. How do I update my mobile number and the email address registered under my Home Loan account?

A. You may update your mobile number and email address in either of the following ways:
By calling us on 020 3957 4151 (call charges apply) (W.e.f. 2 May 2015)
By using your registered email id to write to us at: wecare@bajajfinserv.in

Q6. Is Provisional Interest Certificate provided to the customer?

A. Provisional Interest Certificate gives the Principal and Interest breakup for the scheduled EMI for a complete Financial Year i.e. from April to March. This calculation can be used for claiming the Income tax rebates in appropriate cases under Section 80C as well as Section 24 of the Income Tax Act. The calculations are based upon Current Principal Balances, Current ROI and Current EMI along with any changes recorded in the Current Financial Year. Any change that may happen before the end of the Financial Year will alter the calculation and the figures. You can get this in the following ways-
By logging into our Customer Portal – “Experia”
Write a mail to wecare@bajajfinserv.in

Q7. Does the Income Tax certificate change when rates change?

A. The Provisional Income Tax Certificate can change under certain circumstances like change in Interest Rate. The projection is calculated on “as is” basis and does not consider any future change that may happen either on the Interest, EMI or the Principal.


Q1. How will my Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) be calculated?

A. The EMI consists of the principal amount and the interest on the principal amount. It is calculated by taking into account the loan amount, the time frame for repaying the loan and the interest rate on the borrowed sum. The EMI may be subject to change when interest rate changes or a part-payment of the Loan is made.

Every month, part of the EMI is adjusted towards the interest payable and the balance is adjusted towards repayment of the principal.

Q2. What are my different options for making my EMI payments?

A. You may repay your Home Loan in any of the following two ways:

Electronic Clearing Service (ECS): This mode can be used if you have any Bank account and would like your EMIs to be debited automatically at the end of the monthly cycle from this account.

Post-Dated Cheques (PDCs): You can submit post-dated EMI cheques from any Bank account. A fresh set of PDCs will have to be submitted in a timely manner. Please note Post Dated Cheques will be collected at non-ECS locations only.

We recommend that you opt for the ECS mode of payment as it is both faster as well as less prone to error than the use of PDCs and avoids the hassle of replenishing the PDC’s whenever they either get exhausted or EMI changes.

Q3. I have availed a Home Loan from Bajaj Finance on a floating rate of interest. How will an increase in this rate of interest impact me?

A. In order to avoid burdening you with a higher EMI, Bajaj Finance will first attempt to increase the tenure of the loan subject to permissible limits. If, however, despite the increase in tenure, the EMI is not adequate to cover the interest payment, then Bajaj Finance will increase your EMI amount. To reduce your EMI, we recommend making a part prepayment at your nearest Bajaj Finance Branch or through our online platform Experia.

Q4. How to change the EMI payment amount?

A. Customers can pay their EMI’s to BFL through any of the following modes including electronic methods (ECS), non-electronic methods (Postdated cheques and direct payments).

In case of electronic methods, collection of the revised amount usually happens from the next month. The differential amount is to be paid separately for the current month. Where the customers have issued Post Dated Cheques, customer would be required to change the old cheques completely.

Under any method of payment, the total EMI is required to be paid before the due date.

Q5. Can the EMI be increased during the life of a loan?

A. BFL offers its customers the freedom to increase the EMI anytime during the life of a loan. The loan term gets shortened and the total outflow reduces substantially if the customer regularly exercises this option. This can be done by the following ways-
By logging into our Customer Portal – “Experia”
Write a mail to wecare@bajajfinserv.in

Q6. What is Pre-EMI interest?

A. Pre-EMI interest is the interest on the loan amount disbursed by Bajaj Finance. It is payable every month from the date of each disbursement until the commencement of the EMI payments.

Q7. What is Negative Amortisation?

A. When interest rates go up, the Interest Component of an EMI also go up. The EMI is kept constant as explained in the previous section which results in a lower Principal Component. If the rates move up continuously, then there might be a situation where the Interest Component becomes more than the EMI. In such a situation, the Principal Component (EMI minus Interest Component) gives a negative figure. The effect is that the outstanding balance instead of being reduced from the opening principal with the principal component gets increased with the negative principal component. This is commonly referred to as Negative Amortisation.

A loan where the Amortisation is Negative does not get repaid ever since the regular payments are insufficient to cover the Interest Component. The unpaid interest gets added to the principal and makes it to grow. The situation reverses only when interest rates starts falling, the customer does part-prepayment or increase the EMI.

Q8. How does any rate change impact the loan amortization schedule?

A. In case of a Variable Rate loan, the Interest Rate used to calculate the Interest Component is subject to variation. When rates change, one of the following two changes can be done to a loan:

The term of the Loan is extended (when rates go up) or contracted (when rates go down).

The Installment (EMI) amount is reset (increased in case rates go up & reduced in case rates come down).

As a practice, the term of the loan is extended since the customer might have given PDC’s and it would be difficult to replace them on every rate change. However, in case of Under Construction properties, the Pre-EMI amount is increased by default.

Q9. What options are available for a Negatively Amortising Loan?

A. As a practice, BFL does not permit loans that amortises negatively i.e. where the EMI is insufficient to meet the Interest Component for a loan. In the event of the EMI for a loan falling short of the Interest Component, the customer is informed immediately and offered one of the following remedial options:
Change the EMI suitably to match with the balance tenure of a loan
Consider a lump sum part prepayment of principal
A combination of both depending upon customer’s convenience

Based on the convenience, customers can choose any of the above options. The default option is to change the EMI to match the balance tenure of a loan

Q10. Is there any early warning mechanism before Negative Amortization?

A.In case the Interest Component exceeds 85% of the EMI amount at any time, it should be a warning to the customer. This will ensure that variation in interest rates does not cause any inconvenience.

Q11. On what basis does the internal FRR change?

A.Internal FRR is the benchmark reference rate. This is determined basis the market conditions and the cost of funds for the company. These changes depend on various external factors and economic conditions.

Q12. How often do Interest rates change?

A. As per our re-pricing policy, interest rates are reviewed every 2 months and a decision is taken whether to change the interest rates or keep it unchanged.

Q13. Does Bajaj Finance provide any Moratorium Period?

A. We provide a re-pricing holiday for our newly acquired customers for a period of 3 months i.e. will be re-priced post completion of 3 months from the month of booking of the loan. The case will be recommended for re-pricing in the third month and the re-pricing will be effected in the fourth month, post booking of all such new Loans.

Q14. Does Bajaj Finance Pro-actively do downward Re-pricing?

A. As a goodwill gesture and to maintain transparency with our valued existing customers, we ensure through our pro-active downward re-pricing strategy, that none of our existing customers are more than 75 bps over and above the last 3 months average sourcing rate. Any customer who is higher than 75 bps from our last 3 months average sourcing rate, we carry out downward re-pricing of the rate of interest for all such customers to bring them to max 75 bps above the last 3 months average sourcing rate. This is a bi-annual exercise. This is yet another Industry first for any NBFC in the country.


Q1. What is Part Disbursement?

A. Loan sanctioned for under construction property is disbursed in instalments. These disbursements in instalment are called as Part / Subsequent disbursement. You will need to make a online request to the Bajaj Finance for the part disbursement

Q2. How much time does Bajaj Finance require to make the part disbursement?

A. The time taken by Bajaj Finance depends on the category in which your property falls. Bajaj Finance categorizes every property into APF (Approved Project Facility) and Non APF. The time taken for processing by the disbursement would be:
4 working days - If the property part of Approved Project Facility
7 working days - if the property not part of Approved Project Facility.

Q3. How do I take my next disbursement?

A. You will need to submit online request for part disbursement along with following documents.
Scan of Demand letter from the builder
Receipts of last payment made to the developer

Q4. How do I submit a fresh set of post-dated EMI cheques?

A. Please submit your fresh set of post-dated cheques at your nearest Bajaj Finance Branch.

Q5. Can I do Part-prepayment for my Home Loan?

A. Yes, Bajaj Finance gives you an option to make part-prepayments upto a max of 6 times in a year.

Q6. Is there a minimum amount for part-prepayment?

A. You can do part-prepayment at any time post clearance of your first EMI with a minimum amount equivalent to three times your monthly EMI. Eg. In case your monthly EMI is Rs. 1 lac, then minimum amount of Part-prepayment allowed is Rs. 3L.


Q1. How do you determine my eligibility for a loan and the loan amount?

A. We consider the following factors to determine eligibility and loan amount:
Valuation of Property (Fair market value)
Existing obligations, if any
Stability/Continuity of employment/Business

Q2. Can I get approval for home loan without finalizing on my property?

A. Yes, based on your income eligibility, we can offer you an in-principle approval for your Home Loan. Based on this, you can identify the property you need to buy. The final sanction of your Home Loan will be based on the assessment of the identified property.

Q3. What is the maximum tenor that I can get for my Home Loan?

A. We offer a maximum repayment tenor of up to 20 years for Self Employed customers and up to 25 years for salaried customers.

Q4. What is the maximum amount I can get as Home Loan from Bajaj Finance Limited?

A. We offer up to Rs.15 Crore as Home Loan for self-employed customers and up to Rs.10 Crore for Salaried customers.

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Financial Fitness Report

We launched the Financial Fitness Report (FFR) for our Salaried customers in December 2013.
Through this report we would educate and create financial and credit awareness among Salaried customers, one of our many value added services we provide. We have partnered with a firm called Credit Vidya who possesses the expertise in preparing the FFR for our customers.

The FFR is a concise, crisp, customized and easy to understand report, available at just Rs.749, for select existing customers, covering the following:

  • A customers’ Credit Score
  • Demystifying the credit score for the customer and informing him about his performance across various components of the score
  • Key monetary ratios & savings potential which would provide awareness to a customer about his financial leverage
  • Recommendations to the customer with respect to his credit behavior
  • DO’s & DON’T’s of good credit behavior

Click here to view a sample copy of the report

How to Apply

The Financial Fitness Report is only available to select existing customers who have an offer on our Customer Portal.
To view the FFR offer, a customer must log in to the Customer Portal with a Username/Email ID/Mobile Number and Password.

Alternately a Salaried customer could seek information about the FFR from our Sales / Credit Manager during the Personal loan application process. The report for a new customer is priced at 999/-
Post application for a FFR, the report is generated within 3 days post disbursal of the loan and emailed to the customer on the email ID provided by him/her.

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Very good is your companie and staffs
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It was a balance transfer home loan I took it from Bajaj Finserv. Initially, they had committed that they would offer top up however finally after the disbursal, they havent credited. Other than that, everything is fine
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Customer service was very fast and quick response.Within 3 days documentation policy within a day for my home loan . Interest rates are also for all bank 10.24 percent in Bajaj Finserv . Only one suggestion little bit miscommunication between mail and phone . Otherwise it was okay
Was this review helpful? Yes No
Bajaj Finserve housing loan is good. There is a lot of hidden cost. Where they would be charging some additional cost even when the demand draft is in transit. In other words, interest would be charged right from the date when the demand draft is dispatched. There is no charges for online payment and the payment gets reflected instantly
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