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Now simply Swipe, Sign and Buy any Durable or Lifestyle product of your choice with your EMI (Existing Member Identification) Card, only from Bajaj Finserv.No need to gather another set of documents or go through the process of applying for a loan.

If you are an existing customer of Bajaj Finserv, you can opt for our EMI Card.

Just walk into any of our partner consumer durables or life style product outlets across more than 100 cities in India with your EMI Card,(You can apply for an EMI Card with our Durable and Lifestyle products loan. If you are an existing customer you can also apply for EMI Card online from your Customer Portal login,swipe your card and walk out with your favourite Durable or Lifestyle product.

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Features and Benefits

We deploy technology and apply innovation to create unique and compelling propositions that help you do what you always wanted to do. Hereunder are a host of unique features and benefits that you enjoy with EMI Cards from Bajaj Finserv. Read on to know more:

Pre-Approved eligibility

The EMI Card carries a pre-approved loan in your wallet. You can avail of your loan facility to purchase any Durable and Lifestyle product of your choice.

Instant approval

Simply Swipe, Sign and Buy with your EMI Card. The moment you swipe your card, you get instant approval, subject to the amount pre-approved for you.

Minimum documentation

For using your EMI Card, you don't need to give any documents. Your EMI Card carries all the necessary information required.

Preapproved Offers

As an existing customer, you get exclusive preapproved offers from time to time across a host of our partner retailers and manufacturers.

Online Account Access

Get all information about your loan like repayment track, interest certificate, payment schedule, etc. through the Customer Portal. Just log in with your loan account number and access whatever information you want about your loan.

Rewards Program

Our Innovation not only meets stated needs but also anticipates future wants. We have now created a unique EMI Rewards Program to reward your every purchase. Your EMI Card will now double up as an EMI Rewards Card, serving as a tool for you to earn and redeem reward points at any of our partner merchant outlets.

You could also redeem your reward points on our online rewards catalogue, crafted exclusively for you.

Initially, we will only extend the EMI Rewards Program to our EMI Card customers in Pune and launch in other cities, soon.


The EMI Rewards program is created to reward you against your daily purchases at all our partner merchant outlets. Our network of partner merchants cater to your various requirements – from daily needs to occasional and lifestyle needs. Our network of merchants cut across categories like grocery, pharmacy, opticians, F&B, salon, spa and apparel. To keep pace with your requirements, we will widen our merchant categories down the line, so that you can earn more reward points on more purchases.

Earning a reward point at partner merchant outlet is simple. Just present your EMI Card at the time of purchase to earn your reward points instantly. The cashier will swipe your EMI card to add to your reward points.

The rewards program is flexible and accommodates earning of reward points, irrespective of the mode of payment you choose – cash, debit or credit card. There is no minimum cap required on your purchase amount ensuring you to earn points even on your smallest purchases.

Once you have accumulated reward points, you can either redeem them against your next purchase at any of our partner merchant outlets or against an array of items from our online rewards catalogue.

Click here to visit the EMI Rewards website.

Contact us

Not an existing customer yet?

Visit any of our retail outlets across more than 100 cities. Click here to find the nearest outlet in your city.

For Existing Customers

IVR – Toll Free
  • Dial 020 3957 4151 (call charges apply) (W.e.f. 2 May 2015)
  • Enter your 7-digit BFL Customer ID or 16 digit EMI card number
  • Select from various IVR options
  • Access IVR in 10 languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam
  • Acess to all loan details


wecare@bajajfinserv.in for all your queries

SMS Updates

SMS <<keyword below>> to +91 92275 64444
Keyword list for your requirements:
GETEMAIL for your current email address
UPDEMAIL <New email> to update your email address
GETADD for your current registered email address
CUSTID to know your customer ID
LAN to know your Loan Account Number
EMI LAN to know your loan/ EMI details
EXPERIA to know your Customer Portal user ID and password
PIN to know your 4 digit EMI card PIN
FEEDBACK to give your valuable feedback
SAT Y Give a positive feedback
SAT N to give a negative feedback
(Your mobile number should be registered with us for this facility). Standard SMS Charges applicable

Visit Our Branch

You can additionally avail of these services at our branch:

  • Change of mode of payment (Cheque / ECS Swapping)
  • Purchase/cancellation of Insurance policy
  • Foreclosure of loan
  • Refund

To know the address of your nearest branch Click Here.

Customer Portal

  • www.bajajfinserv.in
  • Log in using your User ID and Password
  • Access all loan details
  • Manage your loans
  • View special offers

Financial Fitness Report

We launched the Financial Fitness Report (FFR) for our Salaried customers in December 2013.
Through this report we would educate and create financial and credit awareness among Salaried customers, one of our many value added services we provide. We have partnered with a firm called Credit Vidya who possesses the expertise in preparing the FFR for our customers.

The FFR is a concise, crisp, customized and easy to understand report, available at just Rs.749, for select existing customers, covering the following:

  • A customers’ Credit Score
  • Demystifying the credit score for the customer and informing him about his performance across various components of the score
  • Key monetary ratios & savings potential which would provide awareness to a customer about his financial leverage
  • Recommendations to the customer with respect to his credit behavior
  • DO’s & DON’T’s of good credit behavior

Click here to view a sample copy of the report

How to Apply

The Financial Fitness Report is only available to select existing customers who have an offer on our Customer Portal.
To view the FFR offer, a customer must log in to the Customer Portal with a Username/Email ID/Mobile Number and Password.

Alternately a Salaried customer could seek information about the FFR from our Sales / Credit Manager during the Personal loan application process. The report for a new customer is priced at 999/-
Post application for a FFR, the report is generated within 3 days post disbursal of the loan and emailed to the customer on the email ID provided by him/her.


Product Reviews

I had taken personal loan and used EMI card at Baja Electronics (purchased Sony TV, Fridge), Adhiswar (Washing machine). We can see the outstanding balance, EMI status and we can do the pre-closing through on-line very easily
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Nice financial services
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I have availed my 3rd loan from Bajaj Finserv in last 2 years. I am delightfully satisfied because of the quick loan sanctions, online bill delivery and excellent customer support. Well done team!
Was this review helpful? Yes No
Hi Bajaj, Iam very much satisfied with your loan process and approval.
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One of the Best.
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