Looking to renovate your home, planning a family vacation, funding your child's education or an upcoming marriage, a Personal Loan from Bajaj Finserv is your answer to instant cash without the wait.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an EMI?

A.An EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalment. EMI provides you the ease and benefit of paying back the Personal Loan amount in smaller convenient options. This instalment consists of both the principal and interest components.

Q2. Are there any Foreclosure and Part Prepayment Charges?


Borrower Type: Interest Type

Time Period (Months)

Foreclosure charges

Part payment charges



4% plus applicable taxes on principal outstanding

2% plus applicable taxes on part payment amount paid

  • Foreclosure: charges will be applicable on the current POS outstanding.
  • Nil Part payment charges for Pure FLEXI and Flexi loans.
  • Foreclosure/Part payment for all non-flexi normal term loans can be done post clearance of 1st EMI.
  • For all Pure FLEXI and Flexi loans, part payment can be made anytime & foreclosure can be done post clearance of 1st EMI.

Q3. What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts in salaried Personal Loans?

A. We are the only financier in the country to offer as high as Rs.25 lakhs of salaried Personal Loan. You may choose any loan amount ranging from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.18 lakhs. The final sanction will depend on your income and various other criteria.

Q4. What are the tenor options available?

A.You can choose a tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months depending on your preference and the loan sanctioning conditions.

Q5.What are the benefits or advantages of taking a Personal Loan from Bajaj Finserv?

A. . Please check out the features and benefits section for more details.

Q6. How do I apply for a Salaried Personal Loan?

A. You can apply online through our online application facility or contact us through various modes mentioned in the contact us section.

Q7. When will I get the Salaried Personal Loan?

A.For all online applications, you will get instant approvals.

Q8. Do I have to provide any security, collateral or guarantors?

A.No security, collateral or guarantors are required for obtaining a salaried Personal Loan.

Q9. How do I repay the loan?

A. You can repay the loan in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI's) using the ECS facility or through post-dated cheques.

Q10. What is online processing of Salaried Personal Loans?

A. With our online application facility, you can apply for a salaried Personal Loan from wherever you are. What’s more, you get instant approvals.

Q11. How do I apply online for an instant Personal Loan?

A. For details, check out the how to apply section.

Q12.On what criteria will the loan be sanctioned to me?

A. All loans are sanctioned on the basis of internal policies of Bajaj Finserv Ltd.

Q13. When will I get the loan if I apply online?

A.Through our online application facility, you get instant approvals to your loan requests in 5 minutes. All disbursements are made within 72 hours of completion of internal verification.

Q14. What are the key advantages of applying loans online?

A. With our online application facility, you get the benefit of applying from anywhere. What’s more, you can get instant approvals on your loan requests.

Q15. How can I check the status of my loan which I have applied online?

A. You can check the status in multiple ways:

You can call our Customer Care on 1800-103-3535, give your unique reference number provided to you by email and SMS and on authentication of details like name and date of birth you will be informed of the status of your account.

Q16. How secure is the information provided by me?

A.All your information will be secure with us. The online application is a completely secured application using the state of the art security systems.

Q17. What is a secure fee for online application?

A.A secure fee is a charge required to pay for the submission of your application form online. This is required in order to process your loan online.

Q18. What if I don’t pay the secure fees online?

A.In case you choose not to pay the secure fee, you will lose the benefit of instant online approval.

Q19. I have already paid the Secure fee through the Personal Loan online application, but I do not wish to avail the Personal Loan right now. Would I be paid back the Secure fees if I do not avail the Personal Loan from Bajaj Finserv?

A.In case the loan is sanctioned, but the disbursement has not been availed by you within 30 days of sanction, we shall refund the secure fee already paid by you in full. In the event of your loan rejection, we shall refund the secure fee paid by you in full.

Q20. How can I pay Secure fee?

A.There are various ways you can pay your secure fees online

  • Debit card
  • Internet enabled online bank account

Q21. Is it safe to use my debit card on this site?

A.All transactions on our website are safe. We use the best-in-class security and the transactions done are secure. We use SSL data encryption that protects the information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

Q22. How do I cancel a transaction or get the refund?

A. In case of any discrepancies we will refund the money, provided that the reasons are valid. Please call us at 1800-103-3535 or write to us at [email protected] We will be happy to assist you. Please read the terms and conditions for more details.

Q23. What are features of Flexi Personal Loan?

A. Flexi Loan Account is an industry first facility being extended by Bajaj Finserv Ltd. to its premium customers. It is a hybrid product combining the features of both, a term loan and a WDV based credit line. With this product you can pre-pay and drawdown money within the drop-line facility using a self-service process, which is easy and hassle-free. Once you avail the Flexi facility, you benefit by saving interest cost by pre-paying any additional / idle funds that you may have, without any interest being levied on the pre-paid amount.

Q24. What is the benefit of a Flexi facility compared to a normal Term Loan?

A.Flexi Loans offer many benefits compared to normal Term Loan

  • You have the flexibility to pre-pay the loan with idle funds
  • You can re-avail the pre-paid amount within the drop-line facility at any time within the loan tenor timeframe without any additional documentation.
  • You save on Interest costs – Interest is payable only on the utilized loan amount. There is no interest levied on the pre-paid amount
  • Seamless, easy, hassle-free online transactions on the Bajaj's internet portal– Experia, the self-service account access tool for drawdown and RTGS that allows you to make pre-payments to BFL through Net banking transactions.

Q25. What is dropline amortization construct?

A. Dropline is an amortization construct in which the drawing power of the customer is reduced on a monthly basis there by reducing the approved loan amount to zero at the end of loan tenor. The loan amount reduces according to a normal loan amortization schedule, thereby ensuring the approved loan amount being brought to zero by the end of the loan tenure.

Q26. What are the key constituents of dropline Facility?

A. Following are the constituents of dropline based amortization:

  • Drop-line balance: It is a running loan facility which keeps on dropping over the tenor
  • Utilized amount: Amount utilized by you. This is the POS (Principal Outstanding).
  • Available balance: This is the amount you can drawdown. (Calculated as the difference between drop-line balance and utilized amount).

Q27. What will be the billing cycle?

A. Billing cycle will be from 26th to 25th of every month and the same will be due on 5th of the following month.

Q28. What would be my instalment payment date?

A.The instalment payment date for all Flexi Loans will be 5th of every month.

Q29. How will the interest be calculated if the customer withdraws or part prepay after the billing cycle?

A. For all transactions that are executed between 26th to 25th of the month, the customer will be charged for the specific number of days the amount has been utilized. For e.g., if the customer with a credit line of Rs.10 lakh draws down Rs.10 lakh on 26th of the month & pre-pays Rs.5 lakh on the 29th of the same month thereby utilizing only Rs.5 lakh from 29th of that month to 25th of the next month, then the customer will be charged interest on Rs.10 lakh from 26th – 29th and on Rs.5 lakh from 30th – 25th Similarly a customer with a credit line of Rs.15 lakh draws down Rs.10 lakh on 26th of the month and on 29th draws down another Rs.5 lakh thereby utilizing the full available balance, will be charged for Rs.10 lakh from 26th – 29th of the month and on Rs.15 lakh from 30th – 25th of the next month.

Q30. Would the interest rates be the same/lower compared to a normal Term Loan?

A.All Rates shall be as per the Bajaj Finserv Ltd. rates & charges.

Q31. I don’t want to make any online withdrawal, can the transaction be carried out in any other way?

A.Through Flexi Loans we intend to offer a swift and easy Loan facility whereby you are given the freedom to transact from the secure and comfortable environs of your home/ office. Currently all Flexi transactions need to be carried out over internet.

Q32. I don’t want to make any online payment, I need someone to come home every time and carry out the transaction.

A.While withdrawals are only allowed through the internet, payments can be made through RTGS/NEFT/IMPS either online or through your Bank.

Q33.Would you be offering cheque book for this facility whereby I can use the same for drawback/payment mode?

A.No, this does not operate like a Current account with overdraft facility. Moreover Bajaj Finserv Ltd. being an NBFC, unlike a bank, Flexi Loans as well as our other loan products cannot offer this facility.

Q35. When will I receive my Experia login id and password?

A.Your Experia ID and password will be sent along with the new loan relationship kit/ welcome kit and an SMS will also be sent to you on your registered mobile number within 10 days of loan conversion

Q36. How can I get my statements for re-payment schedule / interest certificates / statement of accounts / no objection certificate?

A. All loan account statements are available to you online and can be viewed / downloaded by logging on to www.bajajfinserv.in using your Experia Id & password. However, you may request for hard copy of your statements by calling our customer care call centre or through an e-mail request. Bajaj Finserv Ltd. will also send the annual statement of accounts at the end of every year by email.

Q37. How will I get to know my complete loan details?

A.You will receive a welcome kit on your E-mail id (& the same would be on Experia also) consisting of:

  • All your Flexi Loan details
  • User id and password for Experia
  • Your registered bank account details for drawdown transactions.
  • Unique virtual account number
  • Registered mobile number
  • Reference service guide to help you understand the product and use the self-service tool effectively.

Q38. How can the customer know his balance in Flexi?

A. The customer can access all the loan details and information pertaining to the Flexi Loan account by logging on to www.bajajfinservlending.in, with his existing Experia account user id and password. He can place drawdown request only over Experia. The same information can be extracted by using Bajaj Finserv app.

Q39. What is the process of part-prepayment?

A.Bajaj Finserv Ltd. will be providing all customers with a unique account number, the customer can make all payments / pre-payments into this unique account through your net banking account. The same will be credited to the Flexi account within the stipulated time as per banking guidelines.

Q40. Is there any charge for pre-payment against Flexi Loan?

A. There is no charge for pre-payment. As a Flexi Loan customer, you can transact (make payments in your account and drawdown within the available balance amount) any number of times.

Q41. When can I make the first part prepayment?

A. Part prepayment can be done post 36 hours of loan disbursement

Q42. How many times can the customer make a part prepayment?

A. Flexi Loan customer can make part prepayments as many times as he wants. There is no limit to the number of part-prepayments in a day.

Q43. How many times can the customer withdraw in a day?

A.Currently the customer can withdraw maximum five times in a day. The payment happens by finance in five batches.

Q44. Can the customer withdraw and part prepay in the same day?

A. Yes, the customer can withdraw and part-prepay in the same day.

Q45. In how much time will the money be credited to customer’s account?

A. Currently, Bajaj Finserv Ltd. will use RTGS/ NEFT for money transfers. The same will be credited to customer's account within the stipulated time as per banking guidelines.

Q46. I have made a prepayment before my EMI date. Do I still need to pay my instalment?

A.Yes, the instalment will be deducted on the due date, irrespective of part-prepayment amount. Since the EMI is recovered on amount utilized during the billing period.

Q47. How much time will it take for the effect to come in statement of account- for both part-prepayment and withdrawal?

A.For payment to customer account under Flexi, the request will be processed along with mortgage Flexi request being received under current process 15 to 20 minutes for each payment request. Presently Flexi withdrawal request mail is being raised on hourly basis i.e. if customer makes withdrawal request at 9.30 a.m. (Bank/Bajaj Finserv Ltd. working days before cut-off time) then the request mail will be received by operation's team at 10.00 a.m. batch mail accordingly payment process will be done in system by operation's team as per agreed TAT. Withdrawal entry will reflect in SOA immediately as soon as the payment request is authored in system. However, the said batch needs to be authored at the bank site by authorised signatories, subsequently payment will be credited to customer account.

Q49. Would there be any intimation sent to me for due instalment amount and date?

A. Yes, as a Flexi customer you will be receiving the following intimations on the registered mobile number.

  • SMS on every transaction ( payment and drawdown done on Experia)
  • Instalment due intimation before due date
  • Intimation of instalment receipt post clearance and credit
  • Alternatively you can check your Loan details and instalment details by logging into your Experia account at your convenience.

Q50. How and when can I pre-close the Flexi Loan?

A. You are allowed to make a pre-payment or pre-closure up to any amount without incurring any additional fees. The pre-payment can be made by you through RTGS to the assigned unique Bajaj Finserv Ltd. bank account allocated to you. If you wish to discontinue this loan facility you can do so by paying the entire balance amount in the loan account, including interest along with request for foreclosure. To raise request for Foreclosure- visit Experia/ Wecare/ Customer care no. / Branch

Q51. How do I change my personal details such as my address/mobile number/ bank account number? Do I need to send any proof?

A. All your personal details can easily be changed by submitting documentary proof to the concerned relationship manager duly attested and signed by you with a request letter.

Q52. Are there any Foreclosure charges for Flexi Loan?

A. Foreclosure charges for Pure Flexi loans will be calculated on the disbursed amount and for Flexi loans on current POS outstanding.

Q53. What is the minimum and maximum loan amount which can be availed under Line of Credit?

A. Minimum amount of Rs.80 Thousand and a maximum of Rs.15 lacs can be availed.

Q54. What will be the tenure for availing Line of Credit?

A.Minimum tenure is of 1-year post this you can renew your Line of credit.

Q55. What will be the tenure for availing the loan?

A. The tenure will be 1-year post which customer can either renew the line for next 12 months or convert it to normal term loan

Q56. Will the monthly installment/EMI contain a principal amount?

A. It is an interest serving Personal Loan. You will pay only interest in the form of EMI. For example: A loan amount of Rs.5 lakh will have an EMI of approximately Rs. 6,000 (only Interest) and NOT regular EMI of Rs.12,000

Q57. Whenever part-payment or drawdown is made, will the changes in EMI reflect immediately?

A. If any part-payment or withdrawal is made before the 22nd of any month, the change in EMI will reflect in the very next month. If not, changes will reflect with a one-month lag

Q58. What is the annual maintenance charges collection cycle date?

A. Annual maintenance charges will be auto debited from your account on anniversary of your loan

Q59. I am eligible for Rs.25 lakh in the first disbursement, however I have been allotted Rs.15 lakh as per the Line of Credit policy. If I want an additional loan in the next year as per my line, what would be the process?

A. You will need to get in touch with our customer care and raise your intend to raise the loan amount post which your loan will be renewed and as per your credit performance new loan amount will be sanctioned.

Q60. What is the procedure to convert Line of Credit to Term Loan?

A.You will have to initiate a mail to our customer service (with your consent) to convert loan to normal loan application.
Customer service will take your consent and put a request on your behalf
Post this your Line of credit will be converted into a term loan for 60 months and a regular EMI will start coming in which the Principle will also be included.

Q61. Can a term loan be converted to Line of Credit?

A. In such a scenario, a new loan will be booked with a new agreement and existing loan will be closed

Q62. What is the perpetual draw period of 12 months?

A. You have to renew your Line of Credit facility after every 12 months by paying annual maintenance charges. Annual maintenance charges will be charged at 1.0% of sanctioned loan amount

Q63. How can I make a part pre-payment?

A. You can make a part pre-payment by using Customer portal (Experia) upon sanction of your loan. Experia ID & password will be shared with you in the welcome letter post disbursal of your loan. Virtual Account Number (VAN) number can be obtained by sending SMS to 9227564444 from registered mobile number

Q64. Can I make part pre-payment before the 1st EMI?

A. No, you cannot make part prepayment before 1st EMI

Q65. How can I drawdown?

A. You can drawdown only through Customer Portal -Experia

Q66. Under what scenarios is Line of Credit blocked for usage?

A. Your usage of Line of Credit can be blocked due to the following reasons:

Bounce of your monthly instalment with Bajaj Finance Limited or other any other financial institution, drop in your credit bureau score, change in employment, change in contact information (unless intimated in advance to Bajaj Finance Limited).