A loan given against the mortgage of property is called Loan against Property. This is one of the cheapest retail loans after Home Loans.

Fees and Charges:

Bajaj Finserv offers attractive interest rates on Loan against Property with very nominal fees and charges. Read below for the details and feel free to use our Loan against Property EMI Calculator for further estimates, if needed.

Processing fees

Up to 2% of the loan amount

Loan statement charges


Interest & principle statement charges


PDC swap charges


EMI bounce charges

Rs.2500 for every bounce

Penal interest

2% p. m.

*Refer to Agreements and T&C.

*Note: Effective 1st June, 2016, part-prepayment charges and foreclosure charges will be applicable on Loan Against Property

*This will not apply for Loans in which all Borrowers are Individuals and the Loan is serviced at a Floating Rate of Interest.


Foreclosure Charges

Borrower Type: Interest Type

Time Period (Months)

Foreclosure charges

Individual: Floating rate



Non-Individual: Floating rate & All borrowers: Fixed rate


4% plus applicable taxes

  • For Term Loan on principal outstanding
  • For Line of credit (Flexi Pure) Charges will be calculated on sanctioned limit
  • For Flexi Saver (Dropline Flexi) charges will be calculated on current Dropline limit


Part prepayment charges

Borrower Type: Interest Type Time Period (Months) Part payment charges
Individual: Floating rate >1 Nil
Non-Individual: Floating rate & All borrowers: Fixed rate >1 2% plus applicable taxes on part payment amount paid
  • Part payment made should be more than 1 EMI.
  • Charges not applicable for Line of credit (Flexi Pure) & Flexi Saver (Dropline Flexi)

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