Internal Opportunities in last 6 months


Internal Opportunities in last 6 months
R&R penetration employees


R&R penetration employees
Milestone Awards 2015


Milestone Awards 2015
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Message from CHR


Welcome to India’s fastest growing most diversified Non Bank Finance Company which also happens to be amongst India’s 25 Best Employers.

Also, welcome to a DO culture which places People at it’s core.

If you’re looking for a work place that can help you do what you’ve always wanted to do, we can help you find that opportunity with us at any of the 118 locations we’re present in India.

We are a part of the Bajaj Finserv Group. The businesses are spread across lending, insurance, wealth management verticals. Bajaj Finance Limited is the lending arm of the group, with product lines which broadly focuses on consumer finance, SME and commercial business.

We are a high performance culture and our People policy can be summed up in one word – Empowerment.

We believe that each individual is unique and has an infinite potential. Given the right opportunity and empowerment, individuals can weave magic. We’ve seen our belief at work every day for the last 25 years. And our journey to become India’s fastest growing and most diversified Non Bank Finance Company is proof that Empowerment delivers.

We’ve tried to put as much information in this section as possible to help you get a 360 view of our culture. But just in case you need to know more about anything feel free to write to us at

Warm Regards,
Chief – Human Resources & Administration

Managing Career

As a growing company we have a continuous flow of fresh new opportunities. Our orientation to Managing careers is to continuously Train and Enable our Human Capital to tap into opportunities across the company.

Within the Human Resources function we have a dedicated team that encourages, nurtures and develops leadership skills amongst employees to help them step up their career ladder.

Three key career development policies provide employees with a continuous opportunity for their careers.

Auto promotion policy ––

Our Auto promotion policy –allows eligible employees at Manager or above level to be automatically promoted to the next grade, basis their achievements and performance. The employee in this case, continues to work in the same role and at the same location.

Internal Job posting –

Our internal Job posting policy provides an opportunity to employees to apply for open roles in other businesses and functions within the organisation. While this helps the organisation to glue up the culture it also helps employees gain cross functional knowledge through different roles in different businesses. It nurtures our internal talent pool for leadership and general management roles.

Job rotation policy –

For employees, who are not able to tap opportunities through either Internal Job Postings or Auto Promotion in a period of 4 years our Job Rotation Policy prioritizes and enables their movement to alternate roles or functions.

All three policies combined enable our entire Human Capital pool to tap into continuously emerging opportunities across businesses and locations.


For us engagement is the cord that knits our diverse Human Capital into a tight culture. We continuously engage our people across businesses and locations through a host of initiatives. These help us foster a culture of inclusiveness and belonging.

  • Faster to understand our culture, stronger the start you get. We have a well-structured and personalized on boarding process. This is supported by a robust Induction program and a host of policies focused on giving you the platform to take off from.

  • Our annual Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) provides a platform for candid feedback about experiences within the organization, our policies & practices. We see ESS as an enabler to help us identify areas of improvement, no matter how small they may be. Our increasing scores are proof of our commitment to being a ‘Listening Organization’ through employee engagement.

  • We take every issue that our employees face seriously. Our dedicated employee helpdesk - Your Care, provides customized and speedy resolutions to employee queries.

  • Ulive, our intranet portal, is an intuitive, feature rich platform for knowledge, collaboration and communication requirements of our people. From all policies, to updates on every new development, organization announcements, employee achievements, rewards and recognition Ulive is a strong reflection of our pursuit to be an open and transparent company.

  • Healthy bodies are better minds. Our wellness initiative, Pure Life focuses on employee health and encourages healthier lifestyles. Employees are rewarded from time to time in unique ways for getting fitter and healthier. We round off our Pure Life efforts with an annual health checkup followed by physician consultation for all employees.

Rewards & Recognition

For people who push the limits, rewards and recognition need to be stretched as well. ‘Do more. Earn more’ is the belief that underscores our approach to rewarding and recognising our Human Capital. It empowers and encourages our employees to consistently perform and exceed expectations.

Our robust rewards and recognition framework recognises and rewards employees across all levels and locations. Both individual and team performance gets rewarded and celebrated regularly and helps in creating a HEALTHY, competitive atmosphere that fosters a culture of productivity.


Sprinter award is handed out to the young minds who excel in their monthly matrices score.


Striker is a quarterly award for our managerial level employees.


Champion award is for our senior managers who excel not only at their matrices but also in their roles as effective team managers.

Olympian flame:

The Olympian Flame is awarded to employees who excel both on individual matrices as well as their roles as strategic thinkers showcasing exceptional leadership capabilities.

Hero of the moment:

Besides the above structured awards Hero of the Moment is an on-the-spot recognition of employees who have transcended boundaries both professionally and personally to make a perceptible difference in delivering value to the organization through outstanding contributions to a specific project or activity.

Milestone awards:

We value commitment. We recognise the believers in our culture for their long association with us through our Milestone awards.

Excelsior league:

A culmination of our rewards and recognition framework, the Excelsior League is an annual event spread over three days at an off-site exotic location. It celebrates the best of the best for their consistent delivery of exceptional performance. Excelsior League is the proudest moment for it’s winners and we let them enjoy that with their families.

As a company our Rewards and Recognition program touches more than 36% of our human capital.

All work and no play

It’s natural to have hobbies beyond work. We understand Photography, Quizzing, Craft and Sport are as desirable pursuits as any.

While contest like Shutter, our quarterly photography competition, allows our employees to indulge in their passion for photography, our Annual Quiz witnesses the mind race amongst some of our brightest. Our office decoration contests bring out the best of creativity. Sporting events like cricket tournaments gives us a platform to compete in outdoor events.

Other Initiatives like children’s day and family day lets our extended families engage and interact.

Learning & Development

We believe in equipping everyone right from the grass root level to the senior management with the right tools to learn and grow. Our range of learning and development programs are aimed to suit the growth needs of our employees across levels.


'Our way learning labs'

is our flagship employee development program for building key behavioural competencies across levels in the organization. Designed innovatively, our training programs accelerate personal and professional development through a variety of methods like boot camps, theatre based approach, role plays, real time activities, case led discussions, videos, simulations and action learning.

While the learning sessions for our front line employees help develop customer management and interpersonal skills, the learning labs for middle management are woven around learning key components of understanding self, working with teams, understanding customer requirements, becoming better business managers and understanding challenges that a growing fast paced organization like ours faces.

Our senior managers participate in a series of workshops that focus on leadership communication, balanced scorecard approach, building trust through credibility, dealing with changes and giving & receiving feedback.

Learning labs for our national and zonal heads prepare them for business uncertainty and change, augmenting people management and business focus skills, while maintaining execution excellence.

Our virtual learning platform, the

Learning cafe,

involves a series of webinars, allowing leaders across several branches to attend lectures by corporate experts on various topics. They discuss their current business challenges and how they learnt from experience to overcome the odds.

On an average each year we invest in 40 training hours for each of our employees.